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Bug? IDs don't show in archived threads

| Using the app from f-droid, recently noticed archived posts don't show post or user IDs, am I retarded or did something break?

| I'm getting the same error. I also can't clear the red numbers from the post page (the ones that show how mamy unviewed replys are in a thread) by viewing the dead thread. Really weird. And annoying.

| Can confirm I also have that last bug

| Any word from the devs?
This is kinda game breaking

| Not in this thread, perhaps I should open an issue on github

| >>599208
That is the best place to notify them, as they've said.

| >>599231 I'm sure, but I'm lazy and I'm not signed in on my phone

| I thought it's a feature now..

| Ok one of these days I'll make an issue

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This thread is permanently archived