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Favorite or Interesting OS(es)

| What are some favorite/interesting OSes you know? In terms of interesting, not neccessarily the one you use. Mine is Plan9 mainly because of the idea of a distributed net fs is pretty cool.

| ReactOS
never tried it but im astonished someone made it

| Os/2

| I like the idea of QubesOS. It saves you a lot of time not having to do all those virtual machines yourself.

| One day Hurd will finish. One day.

| >>676302 LUL

| I wanna try RustOS one day

| SourceMage is a lot of fun to play with. OSes that are ryo are the most fun, of course.

| Still nobody mentioning templeos?

| >>676618 no memes allowed

| >>676678
Be nice to Hurd.

| >>676697 if they ever finish it I'll give it a shot but I don't think it'll get much market share because everyone already uses Linux, and those who don't use bsd, plus with how slow development seems to be going (from an outsiders perspective) I wouldn't expect rapid updates like with the Linux kernel

| >>676697
in terms of unix type microkernels minix > hurd in terms of veing complete, etc. Also, hurd doesn't have a lot of contributors so I don't think it'll be stable any time soon.

| also L4 and QNX microkernels are pretty good, although they're more for embedded systems.

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This thread is permanently archived