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Laptop for studying

| Okay so I know regular consumer laptops suck and such but I only have a little over $500 to spend on getting a laptop so I don't think I have much of a choice. I'm not tech savvy so I don't really know which ones would be alright to get for that price or lower just to help with my studying.

| A1502 2013/2014 13" mbp retina of you want apple
Thinkpad p50/x270 if you want win/linux

| Get a used thinkpad, but one of the older ones. They're almost impossible to destroy and fast enough for your purposes, I guess.

| I'll look into them! Thank you. Any more advice or recommendations are welcomed.

| >>674976 And dirt cheap too.

| >>360713 Where would you recommend to purchase one at?

| Depends on where you live to be honest. Some refurbishing company I guess, not on ebay.

| like if you are good in linux maybe you can try a pinebook pro but you need experience else id suggest anything from dell really.

| >>fac00b Yeah I don't have much experience with computers/laptops. I'll look into Dell.

| >>674976
You can't ever go wrong with used thinkpad. Just find a model that suits your need.
Been using T420 for years and it's still buttery smooth for everyday tasks and some light-to-moderate gaming today. I really love the keyboard.
But I'd say the 3rd/4th gen (XX30/XX40) would be more futureproof.

| The most useful thing about those used thinkpads is... you don't have to worry if you drop it or hit a corner with it... The thinkpad does not care. Btw, grab one with a ssd! It's a pure bliss instead of hdds.

| the positive things said about thinkpads really apply to the vast majority of old laptops, there really is no reason i know of to favor thinkpads over all the other refurbished decade old laptops

| Oh, there is. They're more readily avaiable, making them cheaper. :)

| Rocking a lenovo ideapad 320-15ikb, as long as you'd be able to afford an extra 4GB stick of RAM and an SSD, you'd get a really nice machine for around 500 bucks.

| >>675596
>excellent keyboard
>great build quality and durability
>water resistance with drainage holes
>easy repair, easy replace for parts, 4th gen and below even have socketed CPU
>widely available replacement parts even for old models

Can't say the same thing for other brands, even their old business line up.

| >>675410
X40 have the new stupid slim tip charging port. It breaks twice a year.

| >>3804c8
Are you trying to impress us or something? You're obviously lying too.

| Hmm. It's kinda hard to find a Thinkpad for a decent price around here. Or I may just not know where to look nor do I really know much of what terms mean and such.

| Most of what you guys said is going over my head. I wish my family wasn't so traditional while I was growing up. I'm sorry if some of this stuff is just regular things and i'm just being dumb.

| >>675596 >>675610 >>675847
Well well well

| >>675847
ware you looking in stores or websites if the latter which ones

| I did look at some websites like Walmart and best buy,Amazon,New egg, Laptop closeout. There was also eBay but I don't plan on buying anything from there since I've heard it's bad.

| >>676106
ok so your from the US in which case the best refurbished site i know is ebay

depending on what kind of studying you want it for it can even be compleatly viable to get something like a HP550, ainchent laptop but you can easily get one for 20USD
and it will run without any issue as long as you don't need windows10

theres probably other ppl who can suggest things in a simmilar price range that's just the one i used for a few years

| >>676190 Since you're recommending it, I'll look into eBay then. I would want the laptop to mainly take notes, watch videos on the subject i'm studying and maybe find some programs to help study with.

| Watch for one with a screen resolution of 1600px x something something or higher. It's better to look at, if you're spending a long time in front of that screen. :)

| Or maybe you could give us some rough area where the laptop could come from? Then maybe I could look for one in your area you can buy then.

| >>676362 How specific would you want me to go?

| Dunno how things work in US or where ever you are! As specific as it needs to be in order to find a machine which can be shipped to your door for a reasonable price.

| >>676422 Things usually can go country wide but i'll say i'm situated in Texas.

| Just get it from ebay, anon. It'd be fine, be sure to check on the reviews or ask the seller for details.
The 2nd or 3rd generation thinkpad are the ones with the best price/performance value for now imo. You can try looking for something newer tho.

| >>676508 ok thank you guys!

| Er. G/u/rls.

| https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lenovo-ThinkPad-T530-Intel-Core-i5-3320M-8GB-RAM-180GB-SSD-Win-10-Pro/184343776024?hash=item2aebbecb18%3Ag%3Al%7EQAAOSwn1Jdv4sF&LH_BIN=1

This one is okay-ish for the price. Man, the offers sure suck in the US, lol.

| (You may need to get a new battery if the old one doesn't chooch enough for you. It's easily swappable, just unclip the old one and pop the new one in :) )

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