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Monitor thread

| What kind of monitor are you using, g/u/rl? And how many?

I've been using a 4k monitor but it's kinda stressing my graphics card (it's old) and I'm not really noticing its benefits, so decided to switch to a 1440p ultrawide. What am I in for?

| A 144hz monitor is what I has, refresh rate is more important for me than resolution

| >>670892 I literally can't see any difference between 60hz and 144hz.

| i got a 2160p 60Hz never seen a 144hz monitor.
but i probably will try one out few years down the line when gpus catch up

| I use some old Dell monitor I picked up for cheap at a shop near me as a second screen for my laptop. It's 60HZ if that matters.

For my pi I found an old 22" TV that I use. It gives off a /comfy/ vibe :-)

| >>670899

I can definitely notice the difference when playing fast paced games. Going back to 60hz feels laggy and sluggish now.

To me the input delay is just as important. It just sucks that most companies doesn't list that spec.

| >>670899
Really? Like it's so much smooother, like butter my man.

Can really tell the difference in competitive shooters.

| https://th.bing.com/th/id/OIP.XRY5VDineU3M1zWQ_CZuGgHaGY?pid=Api&dpr=3

| 1440p @ 144hz main 1440p ips panel as secondary

| I can notice the different between 60 and 144 but it's not as noticable or as big a difference than 30 to 60, butter smooth desktop is where it's at though

| 60 hertz acer monitor, used to have touch controls, but only works on wondows 7

| I have a TV that does 59hz at 1080i. I replaced the render board, so there's always about an inch of black unused screen around the edge.

| I have a display tablet for artists, it has nice colors. Also a 1080p monitor that I started being able to notice each pixel and it's bothering me. I wish to upgrade to a higher dpi and color accuracy someday. Refresh rate isn't very important for me atm.

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This thread is permanently archived