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hdd makes my pc stutter??

| is it normal ? I've been on SSD-only environment until I've decided I want cheap storage so I got an HDD. and then I noticed that sometimes my pc would freeze for a sec which never happened before and every time it happens I can hear a faint mechanical noise from my HDD, like the head moving or something. seems like a terrible design to make the whole system halt from HDD read/lock, especially when most of apps + OS runs from the SSD so it confused me a little.

| Only use your HDD for media/documents, programs should be fully loaded on SSD. At least that will minimise the stutter as HDDs will usually stop when you're not using them.
Or perhaps you got a faulty HDD.
>inb4 seagate

| >>668290 while not great, HDD are good enough as a system drive, most never stop spinning [spinup is just terrible]. If it's this bad, it's a faulty HDD

| Of you're on windows (eek) there's a power consumption feature that can be set so that your drive never goes to sleep... idk if it'll help.
Also how much RAM do you have ?

| >>668290 not op - just curious. I use Seagates to store my files. What's their issue? Which brand would you recommend and why?

| >>668965 I believe after some tsunami or something their quality control went down the drain and many many drives from around that time died very fast, reputation never really recovered for those who it burned

| >>668965 >>669202
They were bought by Maxtor which used to(an still do) make low quality hard drives for cheap prizes. Eventually the tech they used to make Seagate drives was replaced by Maxtors. They're all the same on the inside now.

You get what you pay for. But since they're prone to overheating without extra cooling you lose the savings on having to buy extra fans.

| Seems to me like you probably have a faulty HDD, or maybe the power management setting is causing this problem.

| Speaking of power management setting. I think you can have a check on the HDD cable, see if there's any rusted/dirty pin or the cable isn't connected tightly. Iirc this happens on my computer long ago.

| Oooooor you're using sata 2 cable instead of sata 3 ?

| op here, thanks for the reponses. yes I use seagate but the SMART reports no issues, etc. I think it might be the cable thing. sometimes it shuts down the monitor which might be an issue with interfering the motherboard/power supply connection to other component like the gpu (while I typed this I just realize how much more damage will be done it that was the case lol). I guess it's pc dissecting sunday today in any case.

| >>669415
the cable is brand new

i didn't check but unlikely to be the wrong cable (it came with the motherboard)

| >>669572
unless you have all sata 3 ports mobo, there could be sata 2 cables in there, maybe ?
unlikely, as you said though

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