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Problems with an emulator

| Not sure if should go here or in Video Games. Anyway, I'm using the rpcs3 emulator to play Persona 5, since I don't have a playstation and wanted to get into the series.

I got the game to work, but I ran into the common problem that the audio cuts off during cutscenes. I tried to fix it using a patch I found, but it hasn't worked so far.

Can anyone help me fix this issue? I've been super excited to play the game and I'm so close to finally doing it.

| Honestly I haven't had audio issues with rpcs3 that I really remember, try messing around with the emulation settings for that game

is your cpu usage high or anything I've seen emulators slow everything if it's having trouble rendering which can break audio

| >>620219 Speed is fine, it seems from what I found the exact issue had to do with the game running at 60 fps. I tried to apply the patch to adjust that issue (which has apparently worked for other people), but no difference. I've seen it work before on a youtube guide too, so I think I'm just having issues with applying the patch.

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This thread is permanently archived