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Updated my site again, tell me what you think.

| Imma dick around with the look again probably but I feel like I've got the a e s t h e t i c down pat

| https://kryptonaut.neocities.org/

| >JS

| >>609286 K

| Still very cool. Aesthetic pat down. I'm glad it doesn't get my laptop's fan to go nuts like it did back when you still had that CRT effect.

| The Dollars? Holy heck g/u/rl, that place was my childhood! I used to admin their official Discord of a few thousand members, before the old owner started messing with everyone and just generally decided to throw everything away.

| OP here

>>1fbd7d haha thanks, turns out all browsers hate the text-shadow effect being stacked too many times

>>609372 I've been surfing around the chat servers since... Maybe middle of season two? Also there's a bit of irony if you think too hard... having a discord for an anonymous chat site lol

| >>0f7cac wait, unless you mean a discord for The Dollars as a gang that makes more sense

| Unfortunately it doesn't work without beeing tracked by:
Please make sure you make this site independent from 3rd party telemetry and surveillance. Else it's not really "your" site and a pain in the ass for privacy aware visitors. I can't say much about the design this way.

| >>609387 well the Discord was technically for the Dollars BBS, but the BBS and the chat site were pretty interlinked it seemed. It is kinda funny having a Discord for an anonymous chat site though, you're right. I'm glad Danger/u/ doesn't have a username-revealing chat service to offer along with the completely anonymous textboard. *camera pans to Danger/u/ Discord*

| >>609485 I mean if you're privacy aware you probably should have third party JavaScript disabled with umatrix or at least noscript

| >>609485 >>609485 thanks for something actually constructive lol. Tbf I'm rank amateur with web development, I'll put some research into it though. I thought putting the "meta robots noindex nofollow" was good enough

| >>609569 if you're not using cloudflare yourself then it's probably something you're using/calling often js librarys are imported from Google or cf iirc>>a70bbf

| >>609568
I use "umatrix" (it's awesome!), but this way I can't see the sites content.
There is also another addon i'd like to mention: "librejs"
It blocks scripts that are not under a FLOSS licence.
But an actually working solution is "decentraleyes", which caches the scripts from cdn's locally. Well, it's still rather a workarround than a solution after all.

| >>609569
Head up! I once started with MS-DOS and windows and it took me years to finally realize/understand why and that proprietary software and services are bad and should be avoided at all costs. Criticizing your usage of external CDN's was not meant to be destructive at all. I know, fast and fancy results are very satisfying, but it has bad consequences for the visitors of your site and on the long term also for you. The earlier you start thinking about it, the better for you.

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