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| have you ever tried gopher? it's a hypertext protocol from the 90s. all gopher pages are structured in list menus. i find it pretty neat and it's bloat-free by design. i heard about it in this computer chronicles episode https://youtu.be/U_o8gerare0 does any of you have their own gopher page?

| Never heard of gopher, can modern web browsers render it?

| You can get an easy one through SDF: https://sdf.org/?tutorials/gopher

Bitreich (subset of Suckless) hosts their stuff on gopher

There's a few good clients and servers out there for most platforms

Easy to write your own, too ☺

| Gopher is super handy once you get used to it. I've been using the cgo client recently.

| There used to be a few boards over at gopher.dangeru.us that were actually gopher boards, not mirrors of the stuff here. It looks like it's down now, but was pretty fun while it lasted.

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This thread is permanently archived