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Looking for a 7-9 inch netbook

| I thinking of buying a tiny netbook like this: https://touchstudio.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/vaio-complete-linux-mint.jpg

I'll install Alpine with a light window manager on it and use it as a smartphone, because Android and iOS is privacy hell

What would you say about such an idea?

| how would you call anyone

| How about buying an actual smartphone with privacy friendly hardware and OS. Examples:
- fairphone 3 (it's modular and made if fair traded ressources)
- librem 5 by purism (it has hardware kill switches for wifi, mic, cam and phone)?

Beside they are compatible with privacy friendly android roms such as lineage os, you can also install gnu/linux distros, especially pure os on the librem.

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I use VoIP with linphone. I have to pay for an account by a service provider that supports the official VoIP standards (unlike "skype").
It requires internet connection, but it also works via mobile internet, which also costs money.
"Free as in freedom but not as in free beer."

| Or you could just tune down your freetardism and choose more viable options.

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dumb phone for calls only
netbook for everything else

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This thread is permanently archived