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good VPS

| my current VPS provider is kind of shit, anyone's got a good and cheap replacement?

preferably with a fast connection and 2+ TB of bandwidth

| I've been using digitalocean for the past few years. never had a problem with the speeds but i think the bandwidth is capped at 1TB these days.

Used to use a bunch of the $5 droplets to run pirate livestreams and we could get about 200 users consuming streams at a decent bit rate off of each instance w/o issues. dunno if you're trying to run anything legally sketchy like a seedbox but we never got shut down. p2p traffic might be a different story though

| i tend to go for cheap sooo wishosting.com

| Host one yourself for unlimited bandwith and free of subscription service.

| hetzner offers decent cheap options, check https://www.hetzner.com/cloud

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This thread is permanently archived