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Remaking my website, found a nifty CRT-like CSS filter.

| Found it here: http://aleclownes.com/2017/02/01/crt-display.html

Here it is on my site (WIP, not even close to mobile compatible lol): https://kryptonaut.neocities.org/

My only issue with the filter is the fact it absolutely annihilates the RAM on my tiny laptop, otherwise I'm really happy with the overall look.

| Oh wow, that's pretty clever

| That's neat, though the way it's animated might give me a headache it looks cool anyway

| I fucking love your website OP

| >>607025 yeah, I'm probably gonna add a toggle to turn it on and off so people can browse without having a seizure lol

>>ca2f8e <3 thanks gurl

| Wow, thnx for sharing! I could use this in the future

| >>607095
hey g/u/rl I want to ask something, how did you manage to do the window type of thing in your guestbook?

| >>ad79a3 in a really clumsy fashion lol. I know there's probably a simpler way using modals, I've just never used em before so I improvised with a hidden DIV and JS.

Check out this page for what I did: http://www.randomsnippets.com/2008/02/12/how-to-hide-and-show-your-div/

| Thank you I'mma try something like that.

| Whenever I see a cool site like yours I want to build my own... But I'm lazy as fuck :p

Something I'd recommend though, a guy has a build script using pandoc, html snippets, and markdown to generate his whole site so adding a blog post is as easy as one markdown file, and a ./build.sh

| >>606966
holy shit, someone remade geocities?
how the fuck haven't i heard of this until now?

| >>607501 yup, there's neocities.org and geocities.ws. I haven't tried the latter though I'm pretty sure it's an exact clone of the old geocities, but I really really like neocities. It has a great in-browser html editor similar to Notepad++, just lacking in extra fancy functions.

| Gonna remove the text "shimmer" effect in a later update, seems to fix the RAM issue.

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This thread is permanently archived