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Why's Python getting so popular?

| I'm just a regular java girl what all the hype about

| Big long snakes are more arousing.

| It's easy to learn. It's easy to read. It's pretty stable. Unlike Java, Python code is not 80% type declaration.

| Well, once Java was hyped. Their creators said it's more secure than c++ (which is still unbeaten in efficency) because of the virtual machine. It turned out, they were wrong. Also the platform independence is not such a big thing, since the Java VM is platform dependent like a compiler. The only advantages left (memory management and watchdog) aren't enough to choose java over c++ because it still needs much skill to make acceptable programs.

| Python also has a VM - the python interpreter. But while java code must be compiled for its VM (with javac) python code can be executed directly by its vm (=interpreter).
Also the syntax is much more easy and friendly to starters because of the weak typization.
After all: if you want to write more serious stuff than you have to use types and objects also in python, because this is how things work.
And if you want efficiency, you may have to use compiled libs again ending up using c

| Conclusion and answer to the initial question of this thread:
Python has become popular, because it brings the convenience java promised, and java lost meaning because some of its promised core advantages (security and platform intependence) were based on wrong assumptions.

A more universal advice:
Convenience always has a cost on the long term. Don't run for hypes and wait. Marketing and Propaganda promise easy solutions but they often serve egoistical and short-termed purposes.

| i use lua btw

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This thread is permanently archived