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Attention to Japanese Learners techieses

| I made a script that let's you find a Kanji by typing look-alikes.

I wanted to get into VNs but since I suck at reading and there's no way to copy paste unknown kanji I had to use this table a lot https://jisho.org/#radical
I got sick of losing myself there all the time searching for the same radicals.

here's the github:
> https://github.com/42jm/rad-kanji-building-script
(it contains two youtube links where you can see the script in action)

Let me know what you g/u/rls think!

| wow I managed to fuck up the title and the red text

| Ty g/u/rl

| np

| No idea how to use fzf

| with pipes! Here's a simple command that should print Anna on stdout
> echo -e "Anna\nJill\nDorothy\nfuckboi" | fzf --prompt="best girl is: "

| Pretty cool. Not useful for me personally because of how I memorize/type kanji, but I can see how this will be useful to implement in Jisho.

| Hmm now you got me curious. How do you do it then, memorizing/typing kanji ?

| (I'm >>45d75a btw)
I don't really memorize kanji, I just memorize whole words. When it's useful to remember individual kanji characters, I rely more on writing it by hand than typing it.

So, like, I never memorized onyomi except in the context of words that use them.

And I don't see how your tool can be useful when encountering kanji you can't type in? It's not like you can easily type radicals. You're still gonna have to eyeball it.

| good job nigger

| >>596896
but this isn't supposed to be an offline dictionary where you type a kanji to get its meaning. It's supposed to be an alternative to the radical search table. So the whole point is for it to be useful when you encounter a kanji you have no idea about.

| >>596896
lets say you stumble upon 幕 while reading and it feels like its the first time you ever saw it. To find it, you could go on jisho and search the table for 巾 日 ⺾, or you could use the script and get 巾 from typing 姉, ⺾ from typing 花, and well 日 from typing it directly.

| >>596907
Ooh yeah, that's a thing. Still too cumbersome for me, but yeah, that can be good for some people.

| yeah, I get that its a little hardcore to get into. I feel like Im gonna end up making a small website for people to use. Sounds like a great opportunity to get a piece of that danger.me domain.
Although I got no idea how to create a website, but hey I wanted to learn that at some point anyway

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