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Thoughts on stalman stepping down from fsf?


| He did. Why?

| >>596807
cancel culture at it again, basically. given colossal amounts of shit due to his stance on Epstein / Minsky and pedophilia. they aren't even that bad, but for the most part, it's simply due to the way he presented it - informally, with close to no tact.

and yet, in spite of simply being a subjective stance, it got taken as wrongthink, put down by one angry thot with a vendetta and some bullshit Vice article. most people didn't even fucking bother reading the mails.

| it's disgusting. it's another grand-scale display of socio-political garbage making its way into technology for virtually no reason aside from "this isn't a nice thing to say :(". not even overdramatizing; the first point in the addendum of Remove Richard Stallman is because he has """problematic opinions""".

the only major person left at this point is probably Theo de Raadt. hopefully nothing goes wrong for him, seeing as he's had his share of putting down false accusations.

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This thread is permanently archived