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Bat.exe and publisher file with no name is a virus?

| Recently in my recycle bin appears two files and I am absolutely sure that I don't create those files but my antivirus doesn't do anything

| Sounds blood sucking... I wouldn't know what to tell you. Make sure you have garlic nearby just incase. And be careful when the clock strikes midnight.

| Have you tried rebooting the PC?
If that doesn't work you'll need to format.
Any technician would charge 50 bucks for this advice plus another 100 to do the formatting, I've just saved you a 150 dollars, be thankful.

| use linux nigga

| Upload it to virus total?

| >>589029 everyone with a half brain knows that Linux is a virus, do you want to use a virus? I know I don't

| >>589036 I hear Intel started shipping a virus embedded in their CPUs so just using a computer isn't safe

| >>589037 that's why you gotta install windows, run the antivirus, format windows and the run the antivirus again
To remove corporate viruses from your computer

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This thread is permanently archived