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Just sudo rm -r * in my home folder ama

| Ext4magic can't find anything

Would you rather have no taste buds or be color blind?

Would you rather never hear music again or lose the ability to read?

Would you rather have a high profile job with no family for life or an average job with a family to live by?
Would you rather create history or delete it?

Would you rather create a great piece of art and not get credit or get credit for a piece of art you didn’t create?

Would you rather leave your unemployed son homeless or pay for his drug habits and illegal activities?

Would you rather see the world but live in poverty or stay in one place and live rich?

Would you rather become a creative person or a technical person?

Would you rather wake up in the morning looking like a giraffe or a kangaroo?

Would you rather walk in on your parents making out or have them walk in on you making love?

| Color blind

I can learn to read again



Steal credit, I've already done this on a smaller scale

| >>588064



I'm already technical and I quite enjoy it when I don't delete my own files

Kangaroo I guess jumping high and being buff as fuck are pretty cool

Making out, though they hate each other anyway so it's not like it would happen

| Ask one or two questions per comment if you don't want a dumb format like above

| Testdisk got me a partial list but no actual data or the data in folders I lost

Remember kids, use btrfs and take snapshots, or just have backups of any kind really

| i want to backup but how much size does a backup take?

| >>588163
usually the same as what you're backing up if it's no more complex than just copying it over to a backup drive or whatever.

| >>588165
i don't have a backup drive

| >>588165
help me out man i have 58 gigs of unbacked music

| >>588166 F

| btrfs is a pain
just never create any new information using the computer, only make exact copies of widely available files. then you don't need to back up anything.

| >>588166 you can buy a 1-2 TB hard drive for like 40-70 USD it's not that bad if you consider you could lose your files at any point, you could also get that Google business thing for like $12 a month and have unlimited cloud storage

| Also I've given up on recovering anything, fortunately I mostly lost config files, some game servers, the docker files for a few of the services I run, and old recordings but I think I can replace most of it except the game servers

| Went from 600 something TB free to 800 something

| >>588328
>you could lose your files at any point
how likely is this

| >>588338 well I was tired and typed cd .. and did it so uhh not that likely but when it happens you'll feel like a dumbass

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