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What happened to Microsoft

| They were proprietary, incompetent and evil, now they're trying to be open source, got comparably competent and are probably still evil but not as much as other big tech companies.

What happened, is the end of the world near or is this all a fluke caused by drunk managers using darts to make decisions?

| Nah. They're just making visibility of being good. Don't trust them.

| They realized they lost the server & developer market.

Add Linux to Windows and pretend they look the oss community and why would you ever leave windows?

| They also bought GitHub which lead to some pretty interesting changes there.

But I won't start suddenly advocating Windows (as their OS still sucks and is proprietary) or forget what they as a company did in the past but some parts of Microsoft have realised that they depend on the open source community (or might even be part of it) so I for one welcome our new Overlords!

| Microsoft is just dying. Very, very, very slowly, but still. Their OSes are getting worse and worse, and they rely on tracking to make money. So how do you convince people to stay on a shitty OS with trackers? You put the stuff they like in it, and force them to use it as much as you can (i.e. W10-only games). And you let your CMs do the rest by making it look like it's just to be nice.
Same goes for Github, they just want a hand on opensource for trackers and control.

| ^ windows code base is such a mess they wanted to stop having to do huge UI upgrades every year, look let how long it took them to fix that bug that deleted your documents folder

| You do know that Microsoft is not only Windows, right?

| >>587217 I imagine they get most of their money though azure & maybe advertising so yes I'm aware, what I was saying why m$ started focusing else where though I left out the money part it simply costs more to fix windows every year than to update the same version

| >>587217
You're right, it's not all Windows.

It's also backdoors.

| The only good thing about Microsoft these days is unironically Bing, it gives much better results than Google.

| >>586832 > is the end of the world near
This post confirms it >>587291
It's the end of the world...

BTW I unironically think Microsoft's bestest creation ever was Tay the A.I.

| Microsoft has really good PR people. Nothing is changing with their business practices, they still try to push proprietary software and standards. The only real difference, is that they are realising that no one likes Windows and need to change their image.

| >>587058
What's bad about win10 besides telemetry? What do you mean by "10-only games", do you want games on older windows or on other OS?

| >>587745
Unfortunately, maintaining groups of Windows 10 machines is a pain. Certain Group Policies just don't work for some reason, and (arguably the biggest problem I've found) updates can not be trusted.

On the up side, as a system admin, it's still better than Windows 7/8.

| >>586836
I don;t trust shit

| >>587745 You can disable them tracing you. Just disable telemetry in the settings.

>>587291 How so? All I've heard from it is that it gives better porn search results.

| it gives better porn search results
What more could you ask for? Best search engine ever!

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