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Ideas for what to program

| What to make when I make the tools I need, but someone has always made it before me?

Can't stay motivated unless I feel I can make an improvement over it or I already have a really good understanding of what I'm doing (see rewriting my own tools)

So how do you all pick what to write and keep motivated to actually finish it?

| I try to make my own version of the tool and try to optimize it into being at least as good as the original before moving onto improvements.

Another nice plan that often works is to pick ONE feature from the tool you want to make and do only it, but do it even better since your code will be focused on that specific feature

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My entire Android launcher is built on this premise. I take one good feature from another launcher, build my entire laincher out of it, and expand from there.

Another thing to note is that if you've thought of an idea someone has already done it. It's just that your way might be more suited to your tastes.

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This thread is permanently archived