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I can never finish a personal project

| I always get bored halfway through my coding projects or find a cooler coding project to start and drop everything half done.

I have a bunch of halfway done cryptography projects, a single neuron perceptron that can't deal with chars, an 80's style site with only the title and some animations, three password generators, two incomplete arduino codes with the circuit ready and some assembly stuff I don't remember what was meant to be...

Is there any trick to change this behavior?

| force yourself to stop half an hour into the project and then just kinda... move away from it, i guess. do something else and all. by taking a break while you're still enthusiastic about the whole thing, you start to become more interested in it and in what you could do with it rather than consistently feeling burnt out and whatnot.

| That's lack of pressure I guess.
Everyone is lazy.
If you are not pressured to do something, you won't.
Unless it's your passion and you can't imagine living without it.
Could be that you are not emotionally invested in the project.
That's a requirement for my case, I must be emotionally involved in the project, or there's no point.
It's beyond the question of it being interesting or not...
There are too many things I'd like to do, so I stopped piling them up until I'm done.

| Right now I've reduced the amount to three.
- writing a new story to start an old project from scratch
- DON'T STOP PLAYING GUITAR (yes, in caps)
- finish all my vidya (about halfway...)

oh yea, i had to stop gacha too.
i also had to keep myself from using my phone in general.
also it's normal to get bored.
also focus on one thing at a time if you can...
if you have to do only one thing, make sure you do it well.
<insert generic advice>

Oh yea go for walks

| was too lazy to read all this thread's text

| Same feel with my android stufio project

| But all i ever do is just take a smoke break, just to clear the lines of code in my head then b4 I return to work, i make sure to check that i am comfortable working again. If not i probs need more break time.

| Then again, u'd be tempted to not finish it. Just take in mind that whatever work ur doing, ur not doing it forever, and the reason we take breaks is because we feel like we are doing shit forever. U must remember who or what u are doing it for. Also, android studio*. Srry

| For every finished project, you are allowed to experience a sexually stimulated orgasm. Everywhere is restricted. If you break the rules, you must kys.

| >>584058
That's the only way.
In Russia, project does you.

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This thread is permanently archived