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| World is going literally insane with skin color tolerance. Or is it America, or do they equal. Let's discuss it.
I hate racism, but this bullshit I hate more. Splitting the world, making minorities get absurd amounts of power. Gays got parades, maybe now non-white people will get those too. Eventually white people will have those too and some time later everyone will be parading about whatever the fuck they want cause they're a "minority" for one reason or other..

| The fact that u hate pride parades more than racism is telling lmao stay mad

| I like parades, for me there would be a holiday for every type of person ot there, the only thing that makes me sad is that racial tensions are escalating, so now we as a species are walking to a bad path again

| I hate racism but I think all minorities should be in jail and only white heterosexual men should have parades. But as I said I hate racism and isn't a racist.

| https://torontosun.com/2017/02/11/black-lives-matter-co-founder-appears-to-label-white-people-defects/wcm/2748a714-f567-4344-8c08-decfe73d1e52

| >>674655 really just gonna drop a link to a tabloid and bounce? Brb lemme disprove u by citing the national enquirer

| >>674665
If it were an article about a white person shitting on blacks, would your reaction be the same?

| >>674670 cant say for the other gurl, but for me both situations would be stupid and I would ignore it, since it just creates more racial tension

| >>674672
Photos of white people kissing black people's shoes, that were circulating in the web recently, don't create racial tension?

| >>674676 bruh I just said both situations are stupid and that creates racial tension

| >>40fd5b
Are you legitimately retarded lmao?

| >>674609 I hate the general situation more than racism. Parades are just dumb. Do a bitard pride parade, I guess, what do I care.

| >>674747 that's just being a crank

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