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Anyway, at what point do you guys think someone can be forgiven for predatory actions and grooming of underage fans?
What actions would the predator have to do to redeem themselves? I'm talking about Cryatoic. Here's a video for context https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4E5B0-8q2E

| In the description is also an hour long meltdown video in one of his recent streams.

Shit's fucking wild. I'm just hoping for a happy end, but I dunno. Cry sounds genuinely remorseful and the dude's been clearly trying to fix his mental state.
It's just so surreal knowing that someone you've watched for years and years was a total piece of shit. I wanna think he's changing, but at the end of the day only the victims can really decide that right.

| >Anyway, at what point do you guys think someone can be forgiven for predatory actions and grooming of underage fans?


>What actions would the predator have to do to redeem themselves?

Go to jail

There's no redemption for child groomers in my opinion. It's as bad as murder. They're children after-all ffs

| And if he hasn't changed and his life is ruined he deserves that cause what he did was despicable, but if his stream collapses it ruins not only his life but this three other friends and his family that he's supporting.
He does weekly streams where him and the dudes stream together and they share the profits and apparently the dudes didn't know about all this.

| I mean, I don't think you'd come out to your friends about being a child groomer. Neither to your family.

It's kind of, you know, fucked up.

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| Really fucked. He should serve time, but damn will a lot of lives be affected by his horrible crimes

| That's how it be- criminals rarely think of who has to suffer because of their actions. In that way, one could argue that being a criminal (for reasons that aren't to support yourself and your family) is pretty selfish.

| After a day, a small part of me still hopes he genuinely changes cause I've been watching him and his friends stream for maybe almost a decade now.
But, his friends have cut ties with him, the weekly streams they do are forever cancelled, he's getting shit on rightfully so, etc etc. Gotta move on. Fuck him.

Hope this ends with the victims getting justice. I don't know if he'll receive jail time cause there was nothing physical between said minors and I don't know the laws.

| Everyone's waiting for the follow-up video he said that'll explain all he's done and whatnot

| Apparently it's legally okay for a 16 year-old and a 22 year-old to be dating? What

| >>672150
i don't know the story but wasn't it consensual? what the fuck is wrong with that?

| Cry has been streaming for a long time now, so isn't he in his thirties? If he's really just 22, then 16 isn't that young, though apparently it's a pattern.

| >>672156
Well, for more context he started dating a sixteen year old when he was twenty-two. Legal I guess, but kinda weird. But then he goes on to cheat on his now ex several times with other underage teens and lead them on.
Around this time, he also messed around with his best friend's now ex.
The best friend makes up the half of his weekly streams. Late Night with Cry and Russ. I did not know about that before this.

| Very predatory and disgusting.
Of course everyone's waiting for more context. It's either he comes out with the full truth in the follow-up or the victims do. I dunno where this is going

| >>672156 6 years might not sound like much but put this into perspective: A 16yo in America is barely halfway done with high school, and has the mentality to match (do not come at me with that "what if they're mature for their age" bullshit, almost no teenager is). The average 22yo lives on their own, has their own job/car/etc, might even attend college, and most importantly is interested in other 20 year olds. The life experiences and level of maturity is totally different.

| Legally speaking, the 22yo is a full-blown adult. Mentally, their brain is almost completely developed. Even if the 16yo "consents" or thinks the relationship is okay, everything I listed above just makes it fucking weird, and think about how stupid you were at that age. There's a good chance they'll grow up to and realize how stupid they were in retrospect.

| >>672211
well... yeah, cheating...

| >>672236
isn't the "stupid" thing generalizing? and the "weird" part just subjective?
there is a good chance that any relationship goes to shit, just super sayan'

| >>672240 Now you're arguing semantics. Yes calling teenagers stupid is generalizing, that's why I said the average teenager and not every teenager. That's why I call a 16yo with a 22yo weird; unless you are one or are attracted to them, 99% of teenagers you'll come across are annoying as hell.

The case in OP is especially shitty, since it's an adult streamer going after underage fans: literal kids who look up to him, follow him, enjoy his content etc. It's straight up predatory.

| Damn
Victim comes out giving her side of the story. She explains how she forgives Cry and hopes he can change.
In comes Cry sliding in those DMs to flirt with her, be manipulative, and tell her that he still loves her showing how much he hasn't changed.
I guess he saw that she forgave him and he took that chance to try and be manipulative because he thought she was on his side?

Of course now said victim hates him.

| Link to his DMs to her after she came out. This is pretty much the first the public's seen Cry talk ever since his first "apology" video too

| At this point it feels like Cry is desperate for attention. I remember back then Cry would force in his then ex into his group of friends and broke them apart until Ziegsden left. Idk what issues he has but he needs to sort them out ASAP.

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