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So fantasy is racist now?

| Acording to some people the depictions of orcs and other monsters is an analogy for how black people are seen by withe supremacists and the concept of light and dark magic is also racist, why would anyone think that? Thats stupid, let fantasy be

| Orcs are not even human, and the concept of light and dark is about ancient depictions of day and night not race, this is kinda sad how now innocent enterteinment is being targeted by needless hate

| Dark elves are the niggas of elf society.

| "According to some people" usually means a few shitposters on Twitter. It's not worth getting riled up about.

If you're trying to start a debate over Wizards of the Coasts decision to expand the lore of Orcs and Drows beyond mere brutes then this is a shitty way to start.

It's a good thing too considering how uninteresting those races are.

| Can't wait until dark mode will get racist because it's black

| they're considered racist because they were inspired by the fake stereotypes of people of colour, i'd suggest you read up about how Tolkien described the orcs.

| >>671005 do know anything about the origins of orcs? They were creatures of medieval folklore, they were usually big green and would eat human, I would sugest you searched more about the actual folklore before spoutting shit like that, why wouldnt a species that eats other sentient creatures be considered a brute and aggressive monster?

| Orcs are not a thing that was invented in the 90's by some random guy that wanted to create a black stereotype, wtf are ypu thinking, most fantasy creatures were monsters or gods from ancient farytales, that have centuries of history, from even before the colonization era and then you want to tell me that it is racist just cuz some white supremacist thinks thats how black people act? STFU! Go study

| >>670965 nah its about that, its about the people who actually think and belive those things in fantasy are racist, because somehow a bunch of people are trying to cancel innocent and fun enterteinment, have you seen what they did to magic, all black and white magic cards are banned, just cuz people think the colors are racist now

| Also cool they are trying expanding the lore of the orcs but if they are doing it to appease some sjw normies that dont even play d&d I feel like it would be a waste of resources for actual lore and more of a "I'm sorry guys, please buy my stuff, I will correct my mistakes that arent even there"

| Also another hot take, if you see a brute green monster in fantasy and think "thats how they see black people" you have problems, and I actually feel ofended that my race is being compared to something like that, and it really shows who are the real racists

| >>671005 Black people actually existed in Tolkien's lore, you know.


| Orcgate is the most stupid thing ever

| >>671037
>Orcs were brought into modern usage by the fantasy writings of J. R. R. Tolkien, especially The Lord of the Rings. In Tolkien's works, orcs are a brutish, aggressive, ugly and malevolent race, contrasting with the benevolent Elves and serving an evil power, though they share a human sense of morality. His description of them has been criticised as caricature-like, even racist by some commentators, though others have noted that he was clearly anti-racist by intention.

| >>671037
Even though the word was first used to describe Brendel from Beowulf and Orcus from Roman mythology the true origin of modern Fantasy orcs stems from Tolkien. The mythological orcs are very different and doesn't seem to have racist or anti-racist undertones.

| >>671045
What the fuck are you even on? Is this your attempt at a strawman?

Literally the only thing the mythological orcs have in common with Tolkiens version is the name. Orcus was a god of death and Grendel was originally based on a Scandinavian Water Spirit like N├Ącken.

| >>671046
>have you seen what they did to magic, all black and white magic cards are banned

This is factually wrong. They banned a handful of magic cards a few weeks ago. Invoke Prejudice, Cleanse, Stone-Throwing Devils, Pradesh Gypsies, Jihad, Imprison, and Crusade are all the cards banned due to racism, you fucking liar.

| Even if the lore can be seen as racist, doesnt mean it was made with racist intetions, also who in the right mind looks at orcs and sees black people? Thats disgusting

| >>671084 those cards dont encourage anyone to do racist stuff, why ban them anyways? The issue is that people are trying to find problems where there isnt, they should not have banned cards cuz they think its racist, everything is racist for those people, thats stupid, lete enterteinment be, its all fake, it doesnt affect our reality, if you think those cards and lore make people racist then you need to grow up

| If now fantasy can be considered racist whats next? food? History? Movies? Book? They burn everything and try erase stuff from existence, thats the same thing as destroying a culture and reshaping it cuz you think your idiology is superior, these people are crazy

| How can orcs be black people if there are black people in tolkien lore?

| >>671087
Stop it with the strawman attempts you fucking retard.

| >>671100 stop calling people retards for no reason you retard

| If dont have anything to add, go do something else

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