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Oops, they did it again.

| I'm not taking any sides here, but how stupid must this cop be to do something like this during protests all over the country?


| If he wasnt a cop he would be stupid enough to riot and break stuff

| The fucker stole his tazer and tried shooting him with it. As far i see its just a cop doing his job and protecting himself from a now-armed threat. Floyd was a criminal anyways. A whole nation is on fire because some chimp with a previous record was high on meth and driving and got killed. I think the whole knee on the neck is wrong and should have the officer punished but this total nuclear rioting is pathetic. Rioting to defend a criminal. Pathetic.

| Everyone is wrong. Everyone is in the wrong.

What are you going to do to make things better?

| Wait for the CHAZ to chazz it up

| >>669694
>a cop doing his job and protecting himself from a now-armed threat
The primary job of a cop is not to protect himself. It's to enforce national, federate, constitutional and democratically legitimized law at risk of his health and live.
Murdering someone who carries a non-lethal weapon with a lethal weapon is not enforcing law. It's jungle law. It's not even protecting himself.
And your "he was just a criminal" statement totally ignores the racist dimension of such acts.

| the cop was right

| >>669720 Cops are humans too, don't make them out to be and treat them as if they were unfeeling machines. That said, while I do agree it was unfortunate and maybe something could better be done, the response was at least more justified than what happened with Floyd. Rayshard turned back to aim the taser at the cop, and while it may not be lethal, lasting contact may leave the victim with permanent brain damage.

| Not only that, but the perpetrator could've taken the officer's other weapons while he was incapacitated, and he was inebriated, further causing more danger to the community.

>>669694 Floyd was a criminal and did his time for it. It's time to let that go. Bringing that up doesn't really bring anything else to the table anyways.

| >>669694
supporting this post

| So wait, is a taser a deadly weapon that justifies a lethal response or not?

| >>669767
According to the judge and the police themselves, no.

That wasn't gonna happen. They were multiple police officers and he only had a single stun gun. They also had his wallet with his ID and could easily track him down later.

His car was parked in a parking spot and he was talking calmy to the police when they arrived. A situation like that shouldn't end with the police shooting him when he's running away and not providing aid for over 2 and a half minutes.

| >>669694
>Floyd was a criminal anyways.
>Rioting to defend a criminal.

It seems you made a choice to intentionally misunderstand what the protests are all about. If you're not acknowledging the systematic racist aspect about the killings then you're not being honest with yourself.

| If a white man pointed an officers tazer at him he would be shot. Its no fucking different. If a white man high on meth with a criminal record tries to run from cops and is resisting he'll be held down and restrained. Albeit yes knee on the neck is fucking stupid and wrong. Literally nothing would change depending on races besides one race would get media coverage and the other wouldnt even so much as appear in the local news next morning.

| Youre so fucking brainwashed by this idea that every single cop on earth sees a black person and immediately cocks their gun. The media is brainwashing the populus to use race as a scapegoat for everything under the fucking sun. A white man is killed in his sleep by cops and theres so fucking little coverage i only heard about it because of a fucking obscure meme from weeks ago. Meanwhile a black guy is killed in broad daylight by suffocation and a whole nation burns down.

| You want fucking equality and peace on this fuck of an earth then start recognizing that its not always blacks. The world doesnt revolve around blacks. More white folk are killed by cops, black on white murders are huge, but nah, lets all pretend we're in fuckin fairy land where blacks are innocent and whites are evil. You want equality start fucking noticing the flaws, realize the media if s feeding you bullshit. Wake the fuck up and stop being a stupid slave to the machine

| >>38b240 hes enforcing the law. Dumbfuck steals and points a tazer at the officer, he enforces the law and puts him down. If the guy steals his non lethal option, a tool of which completely stuns the target, then to ensure he is not incapacitated and has his lethal firearm taken he must use whatever he has on hand to put an end to this threat and protect the public. You want him to just say fuck it and switch to a baton and try to perform a non lethal takedown? Against ranged stun?

| Black folk are often raised to believe theyre being hunted and the cops government and whites are evil and out to get them. This creates a generation of blacks who fear or attack whites and cops because its what theyre told. Many blacks in these situations are often raised in cities or ghettos where gangs and other violence and crime are substantial. So you have brainwashing from birth to hate, raised in poverish areas leading to crime but theres more-

| Now you have an entire society that encourages this "fuck cops fuck whites" behaviour as all you need to do is look at the modern media industry. From rap music about drugs rape murder etc to social media of people forming bubbles in which they circle jerk about the same topics ive mentioned already. So now you have societal/social influence on top of all this. Its a never ending cycle. The blacks tell their children to fear whites and cops, theyre fed the same ideals through-

| media and socialization
And then of course their prexisting poverty issue only enforces a life of crime. Obviously not all blacks go through this by any means however its these exact ones that create an issue. These criminal types create the perception of blacks being dangerous, which in turn makes cops more suspicious around blacks due to the prexisting stigma theyve created for their entire race. Ultimately, blacks bring all of this upon themselves.

| The one bad kid ruins the entire class to put it simply

| Spelling is for pussies thisbpost was made by 5am gang fuck off

| >>669799
>Youre so fucking brainwashed by this idea that every single cop on earth sees a black person and immediately cocks their gun.

No one said this. We're just not ignoring that racism is a contributing factor behind many unwarranted police killings.

| >>669805 I'd like to expand beyond that. It's not just blacks giving off the perception of being dangerous, but also that cops are still jailing people for misdemeanors like using weed even though it's now legal, many of which are black because they're easy targets and they gotta hit that quota or they'll lose their jobs, makes blacks feel like cops are very much out for them. This is a case of SYSTEMIC racism. The prison industrial complex needs to go.

| So >>abaee4 brought up an interesting topic - part of the discrimination these days is based on culture, rather than race.

But either way - death of a human being is always a tragedy. And you must be literally retarded to kill another person during protests, so I don't know how anyone can defend that cop.

| >>669848
>death of a human being is always a tragedy
really sad when Hitler died tbh

| >>669850
Do us a favour and follow your leader. No one will feel sorrow as it would be blessing for humanity.

| >>669807
And naturally Mr. Nazishithead is misogynist too...

| >>669851
you sound like you're jealous of white people... it's always common to hate what you can't have and want to destroy it as a result... you are really racist...
you see? when people die it's not a tragedy. it doesn't really matter. at least you can be sure that Hitler was way more important than you ever will be. nobody will remember you... antifa shithead... :)

| >>35368d bruh

| >>669850 the fact that he became a genocidal psychopath is a tragedy in its own (I mean it would've been better if he didn't) and it's a more delicate topic with mass murderers. But with regular people who didn't kill anyone, it sure is a tragedy. They had people who loved them, they had lives full of opportunity ahead of them. You can't treat human lives like it's nothing.

| >>35368d you talk too extreme and edgy to take you seriously

| im glad youre all wrong, just like me

| >>669878
the only based post itt

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