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CHAZ updates

| Where can I find a place which posts updates on this absolute lmao of a show?

Also, apparently other cities are also in the midst of getting their own autonomous zones like Atlanta. Any news there?

| Yeah it's total chaos (in terms of flow of information) so there are no accurate sources concerning this that can be found easily. I don't actually understand what they are or what they are supposed to do. Is it like an anarchy zone or something?

| I did find this tho:


| >>669569
Sounds interesting. I would go there.

| >>669569 Too biased from the get go. Wouldn't bother with that article.

| Direct link to USA Today article: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/06/12/seattle-protest-chaz-capitol-hill-autonomous-zone-police-free/3173968001/

| >>669671
Let people make up their own minds instead of having you do it. Post a better article if you can(but you can't).

| >>669786 Of course I can't, which is why I'm asking for it. And I'm not trying to sway people, I just want a perspective that's not as detached and biased. Someone down there like All Gas No Brakes except more in-depth reporting all this stuff would be fun to watch.

| >>669790
You never asked for anything. You told people to not form their own opinion because you believe you should do it for them, but you never evaluated why you have those opinions in the first place.

What's biased about the article anyway?

| >>669790
All Gas No Breaks is biased tho
Although I get what you're saying, you probably want a more humorous source of news. I haven't seen a news source like that yet.

| >>669793 I'm OP. Bait harder.

>>669809 Well, that's only part of the reason why. Of course, I could just go to some right wing news source for the lols, but sometimes the mocking becomes really pretentious and annoying.

| >>2ce6e7 Despide how horrific it may sound, twitter is probably the place you want to go to. People living there must post updates right?

| >>669849 Most really don't kerp a consistent update on what's going on. It's either 'byutiful luv y'all n wat ure doin <3<3<3' or 'haha, soymalia garden go bye bye'.
Still, thanks for the suggestion. I would've otherwise thought I'd only lose brain cells for this, but I found a decent account reporting on this event.

| What is CHAZ?

| >>669911 Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, an area of Seattle occupied by Black Lives Matter protestors and Antifa rioters.

| Another account with decent filming and another perspective.

| >>2ce6e7 Thank you!

| I love how they already became a polics state run by a warlord lmao

| Btw it is a bit hard to find updates because majority of the social media sites are run by lefties

| >>669841
>I'm OP.
Oops. My bad.

| >>670264 So you'd think, but search for #chaz or #chop (their new name which stands for Captitol Hill Occupied Protest because some say the old one gives a wrong impression because they don't wantvto be autonomous), and you'd find people are a bit more likely to make memes and jokes at the expense of the protestors while Antifa and BLM are in their little corner. Blue checkmarks don't count.

| Watched a video where they said that anyone who's white has to give a black person $10

| I share the goals of anarchists. But how will they protect what they achieved against enemies without becoming traitors to their own ideals? Without military and police their little autonomous zones will fall to exactly these institutions. Also they need to produce at least a minimum of elementary goods (especially food) to be really autonomous. Some hipsters urban gardening won't feed a whole population.

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