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Forced Social Isolation Causes Neural Craving Similar to Hunger

| New research highlights the profound effect of severe social isolation on the brain

The need for connection is a fundamental need that affects our whole being, permeating our entire suite of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. What happens when people are forced into isolation and are severely deprived of this fundamental human need?


| Cool,we need to socialize, who knew people could go crazy for being alone, thats unheard of

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You joke, but there's some people that occasional brag about how happy and healthy they supposedly are, being alone. Not too different from soylent green stans.

| >>668387 some people like to be alone, its called personal preference, not every one goes crazy by 3 weeks of social isolation for some people it takes 3 months, like me ant 3 month was what it took for me to start missing going out and seeing people not even talking or being cramped at work like some people do

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Yeah, this article is about unwilling social isolation.
Voluntary solitude doesn't seem to have the same negative health affects.

| >>668540 oh god how dumb are you?

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| It depends on individuals, just like hunger. Anorexia is a thing, and some people won't feel the need to sociaize, even if it reaches a point where it's detrimental

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Don't engage obvious bait pls. This is why the janitors locks threads.

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The article isn't about the negative physical and mental health effects of isolation. (but there are 2 links in the article to papers in pdf-form that has already studied this) It's about how unwilling social isolation causes similar effects in the brain as starvation.

If you're a healthy social individual you will crave social interaction in the same way a food-depried person will crave nutrients.

| >>668695 dude thats like the second comment here, this was already adressed

| However participants with pre-existing chronic levels of loneliness had less craving for social contact after isolation in response to the social stimuli, and showed a muted response in their midbrain in response to the social cues after social isolation (they also showed reduced midbrain responses to food cues after fasting).

| The current findings suggest that there is a similar mechanism underlying social craving in humans, and that people who are forced to be isolated crave social interactions in a similar way as a hungry person craves food.

| I had chronic loneliness

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| >>668397 there is some very obvious differences between going out into the woods in a cabin and relaxing by yourself vs. having to be in isolation in prison. Also the voluntary element allows you to stop it whenever you feel like and join back into society or socialize with others. Which can put alot less anxiety on one's mental state. Feel like some of the harm might also be from the anxiety of being forcibly isolated.

| >>668540 Quarantine times it's forced even to those who like to be alone, so I can't say he's that ignorant.

| He gets it ^^^

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