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Minneapolis city council is deciding to disband their own police

| There are no words for stupidity for this; just hysterical laughter or white blinding anger. At least I don't live there, so I'm grateful for that https://www.fox9.com/news/veto-proof-majority-of-minneapolis-city-council-announces-support-for-dismantling-mpd

| This has been done before with good results.


So what exactly is stupid about it? Your level of ignorance maybe?

| Things do backfire y'know?

| >>667466 Sounds like you're spouting antifa garbage g/u/rl

| >>667479
It's just facts backed up with sources.

| >>667477 >>667479
Companies and other government agencies practice this all the time. If something is corrupt or broken you clean house and build up again with a more robust recruiting process. It works.

Now I'll ask you again. What exactly is stupid about it in your opinion?

| The only problem is how fast they can get new people, cops dont come out from nothing and take years to train, and think about how many officers, detectives and responsible people will lose their jobs, and the years of experience that will be lost, since the governament is lazy they will proly hire a bunch of barely prepared trainees and will transfer a few more exp cops

| It takes years for taining and even more years for enough experience to be a propper cop, this will cause even more cop incidents since they wont have knologe and courage to risk their lives every day and now they wont even have good mentors, also a few days without cops would be a dissaster

| But if the governament is reliable they will invest more and get at least cops with good test results, and decent perssonality traits, though the lack of experience could be a problem, redoing the police force is a very risky messure but if done rigt and with a lot of luck can be a good decision

| >>667485 >>667487
Responsible police officers can re-apply for their jobs and if they don't have a bagage of corrupt behaviour they'll get hired.

Besides, people with police training and experience from out of state will move to Minneapolis for a stable job.
It only takes two years to finish a police education at that.

As I said, this isn't the first time this exact same practice has been done.

| >>667487
>this will cause even more cop incidents since they wont have knologe and courage to risk their lives every day and now they wont even have good mentors

What do you base this on? It wasn't a problem the last times this exact thing was done.

| >>667490 if you can read 3 post you would see that I stated 2 situation, one where the governament is lazy and another where they are efficient, and I my conclusion I also stated that the lack of experience COULD be a problem

| >>667489 didnt take that into the examples cuz you never know if they would reaplly or if like 60% of the force is corrupt, so I decide to only see as a full overhaul to be easiers to understand

| >>667491
And I proved that a lack of experience isn't an existing problem.

You still didn't answer my question. What facts do you base your opinions on?

| >>667491
If you can read the links posted in this thread then most of your points would've been debunked by now...

| >>667493 dude why are you so pissed? My staments were just a small simullation of what would happen, never stated that I'm against or in favor of the disbanding, just showed hypoteticals and said that there are some reasons for why it COULD go wrong, so can you please no buy a needless arguement

| >>667505
When have I ever been pissed? I'm just asking you to evaluate your opinions with some facts...

I never said anything about your stance. I just want to know what you base your hypoteticals on...

Just chill dude.

| >>667506 based on the simple facts that you learn with life experience, lack of experience can be a problem in any work force especially when their arent many veterans, there is also the probability that the governament does a half assed recruitment since they will need new people as fast as possible, of course all these factors are not 100% garanteed but should be taken in consideration when taking such abig risk

| Also these factors are too luck based to use conventional proof, you just gotta wait and hope for the governament to its job, you cant predict the actions of somthing as complex as restablishing an intire police force even if there are examples of it being done right

| >>667508
This is irrelevant since veterans will still be able to re-apply to the police force. The Minneapolis government can also hire veterans from out of state. I already explained this to you so why do you bring it up a second time?

>there is also the probability that the governament does a half assed recruitment

Why would they do this and why do you fear this is a possibility? Like, can you back up your worries with any substance?

| Remember, there are always ways to make it worse and there is always a chance for it to go wrong, but the same applies when are done right

| >>667513
How is a more robust recruiting process "luck based"?

| >>667514 half assed recruitments are one of the things that caused the many police violence incidents

| >>667516 you are not getting it, how do you know that they will do a more strict recruitment? and even if they do how would they apply those tests? Would these more severe tests really prove how capable and rational is an officer? I'm not diagreeing with you, I'm just questioning

| >>667518
These "half assed recruitments" was done by the corrupt police force. Cleaning house will prevent this.

| >>667514as I said, you never know if they would want to reapply, and we also dont know how corrupt is the police force, it could be from 5% to 60%, and thats not even takinf into considerations the transfer veterans that could be corrupt but are good at hiding it, its a very chaotic factor

| >>667520
I perfectly get it. I just don't understand how "luck" will factor into the recruiting process like you claim it does.

>how do you know that they will do a more strict recruitment?
Because that's the whole point of disbanding the current police force... It's already been explained in this thread too.

It doesn't even seem like you're able to understand what people are telling you.

| >>667521 it wont 100% prevent corruption, and you know it, corruptions is everywhere and a lot of people know how to hide it

| >>667522
Of course people gonna re-apply to a job they have experience with. They want a job, right? Why would they pick unemployment over getting their jobs back lol

| >>667524
No one ever claimed that it will 100% remove corruption. That's no the point. The point is to make it LESS corrupt by a significant margin.

| Now, being serious, this if done right will probably make thing better for while, but time will pass and the corruption will eventualy come back
At worse we would just have a inexpienced police force

| >>667527
>but time will pass and the corruption will eventualy come back

Why do you think so?

Most places in the west doesn't have this problem and neither does the states that has put this into practice before.

If you're right it just means that they'll have to clean house often. It's a better strategy than letting corruption grow.

| >>667525 you sound to narrow minded to understant the concept of probability, as I said, I'm not disagreeing just questiong and show where it could go wrong, not that it will go wrong

| >>667527
>At worse we would just have a inexpienced police force

They won't. I already explained to you twice and there are links in this thread that explains it as well.

You're literally not understanding what's being said to you...

| >>667529
I understanad probability perfectly.

Now, can you explain why this is a significant threat?

Because history and common sense doesn't agree with you.

| >>667528 why would they clean often? These tests cost money, they would have to replace manpower, contantly raise the tension in their office to keep people on the line, people will eventualy get tired and start lowering the bar and corruption would rise again, its a natural cycle, there are more reasons to curruption to rise then there is to things just stay good forever

| >>667532
>why would they clean often?

To prevent corruption to spread, duh. Did you even read the post?

I (obviously)don't think they'll have to clean house more often. It was just a response to your hypothetical scenario. The other choice to said scenario is to do nothing and let corruption run rampart.

>These tests cost money, they would have to replace manpower

Corruption costs more.

| >>667531 you sound some what delusional if you think they will spend resources and keep the house clean forever, they will grow tired and they will eventually get too confortable, thats a natural tendency, science and history has proven that so many times that most people forget

| >>667534
>you sound some what delusional if you think they will spend resources and keep the house clean forever

I never said that.

| Most of the western police districts manages to keep their levels of corruption low enough to handle. Why wouldn't the Minneapolis government attempt the same strategy?

You're just spreading FUD.

| >>667533 people tend to overlook long therm solutions in favour of short therm ones, corruption costs more but takes way more time to build up to the point it costs something, soo many isntitutions, companies and governaments have made that mistake multiple times

| >>667538
"people tend this, people tend that"

But a majority of western police districts still manages to keep corruption under wraps.

Also you didn't answer my question(s) from earlier.

| >>667537 if this were a fact we would have these protests and riots, you literally living in the Minneapolis making the same mistake that every governament, institution and conpany has done or will do

| >>667540
It is a fact. USA is unique when it comes the level of police brutality and not all states has said problem either. Some states has found a solution and now Minneapolis is trying to follow suite.

I don't understand why you don't want to accept this fact.

| And corruptions getting in isnt even a strategy is a natural thing to happen, when things gett stable people get confortablem and start to overlook stuff, thats when corruption comes and ruins every thing, puttiong things on the line, its a natural phenomenal

| >>667542
Just because it's "natural" it doesn't mean that other government agencies are utilizing strategies to prevent, slow down or even regress their level of corruption.

Corruption isn't a one-way street that only grows and never regresses like you seem to believe.

| >>667544
>other government agencies aren't*

Fixed a typo

| >>667541 the prblem is that you are thinking that they will solve he problem forever and that this wont happen ever again,just cuz Minneapolis is trying doest mean they will 100% solve it not means that they will be able to prevent this from happening again, again, I'm not disageeing just questioning and pointing the probabilities of it going wrong

| >>667546
>the prblem is that you are thinking that they will solve he problem forever

I never said anything of the sort.

You don't seem to be able to understand what people are telling you. Seriously, it's starting to get embarasing.

| >>667544 what part of cycle you didnt understand? When things gett stable people get confortablem and start to overlook stuff, thats when corruption comes and ruins every thing, puttiong things on the line and forcing change

| >>667546
You're obviously disagreeing lol. When all you do is trying to poke holes in Minneapolis strategy then you are in fact disagreeing.

Trying to lie and claim that you're not and only posting "hypothetical scenarios" that you can't back up with facts doesn't make it true.

How gullible do you think I am?

| >>667548
If this is true then why are a majority of police district not as corrupt as Minneapolis? Why do we not see this practice everywhere?

Because it's not true. There are working strategies to curb corruption and now Minneapolis wants to do the same.

Why are you having trouble accepting this?

| >>667547 but what are you trying to tell? That the police force overhaul will be great and that it will remove corruption? If so, yeah, it can happen, but I'm saying that there it wont keep corruption away forever and that it has a chance of failing and nothing changing, again, not disagreeing just questioning and showing the possibilities

| >>667551
I've already directed you to examples of how other police districts are utilizing working strategies to get corruption under managable levels. Literal real world examples, you know.

You just don't seem to be able to understand or accept it. Almost as if you want racist police departments to stay unchanged...

| >>667549 so questioning is disagreeing? Ha now I get why they say humanity is screwed, questioning if the first thing to do when creating a long therm solution, if you cant do that without being called a traitor no wonder corruption is everywhere, you know, people say not positioning is complacency but I think that not questioning when there are chances of failiure is the real complacency

| >>667557
If you only question one way they you are in fact disagreeing.

If you were more objective in your approach then you might've had some credibility, but you aren't.

You don't even have a solution. You're just actively spreading FUD about the Minneapolis strategy. You're not fooling anyone.

| >>667557
And the fact that you ignore evidence and arguments only to repeat your FUD over and over is a very telling aspect of your stance.

| >>667550 how do you know they are not as corrup and Minneapoli? Heck, how do you know Minneapolis is corrupt? Police violence happens a lot in so many states, maybe the floyd incident was just the thing that triggered the masses and there was only 2 or 3 currupt cops, look dont get me wrong, in my opinion they could overhaul the entire US police force

| >>667558 point out faliures is good because it helps when creating a solution, I'm not qualified to take such impotante decisions but point out chances of faliures is best way to show someone qualified what they need to correcte when making such umportant decision

| >>667560
>how do you know they are not as corrup and Minneapoli?

Because they don't kill black men openly in the streets for once? Because there aren't mountains of video evidence of them commiting crimes? Because their systems are't overloaded with police officers getting reported for corrupt behavior etc etc

>how do you know Minneapolis is corrupt?
See above.

>Police violence happens a lot in so many states
Not at the same level as Minneapolis for example.

| This has been done in the US before:



The success of which resulted in no reported arrests or police brutality during the protests taking place in Camden, New Jersey.

Minneapolis is a pretty fucked city, even before George Floyd was murdered. Perhaps a total dissolution of the police force will do some good.

| >>667559 what eveidence? Showing that it can be done right doesn't mean it will be done right, especially when talking about a thing as big as a police force, there are so many things that can go right but there is also alot of stuff that can go wrong

| >>667565 yep, it would do good

| >>667462

In case people want a different source than Fox News.

| Yanks

| Lmao it is over for that city, if you are a white person living in that city get guns asap or leave that place because it is going to be the new Detroit

| >>667672
Dumb racist is dumb

| >>667722
“Muh racism” is not an argument. Quit trying to shame people into compliance with your views. If you feel so strongly, why not move to Camden yourself, so you can experience the end result of what you advocate for?

| gotta agree >>667722 is kindergarden tier response

| >>668046
It was never meant as an argument and no one is shaming. All that stuff is just in your head.

He is racist and his post is dumb though.

Are you for real? Was he/where you expecting a serious response with childish nonsense like that? Get a grip.

| >>668080
i just can't take this poster seriously, it's like shitposting essentially at this point...

| >>668081
Then don't. Just like I can't take racist posts seriously.

Or yours for that matter.

| >>668081
I've made multitudes of posts explaining why he is wrong but he didn't seem to understand them or even read them. Only to post his own racist view on the city(off topic too).

And you expect him to be taken seriously and people to debate him? He's a shitposter and will be treated like one.

Literally the only reason to attack one shitposter and stand up for the other is because you relate to one of them. In this case the racist dumb off-topic one.

| That guy is not being racist at all, there has been a lot of people saying that white people should be dead and stuff, so moving away is a better thing to do

| >>668084
It is very very racist so say that only white people need to buy guns to protect themselves against non-whites because the police (factually wrong) won't be there to keep the colored population in check.

It's not even up for debate.

| >>668083 uh, you are being to narrow minded there, we are shiting on you cuz you were basically attacking someone in a very immature way

| >>668085 he said "if you are white", but he never said unless you are white

| >>668084
If he cared about the population of Minneapolis he wouldn't have singled out white people. Colored people are in just as big a danger if not moreso.

Only a white supremacist would make the argument he and you are making.

| >>668086 also he probably wanted guns not cuz of the police but for the lack of police that will come

| >>668086
>we are shiting on you
And you're just as immature, aren't you? Get a grip.

| >>668090 ok then, keep beleving you what you want

| >>668091
Yeah exactly. Which is factually wrong and disproven in this thread. Hence why I called him Dumb.

| >>668093
Well you can always post arguments against it or you can take shitposts seriously...

| >>668094 if he belives the police wont be enough to protect him, let him buy the guns, its not illegal where he lives so stop pestering people about how they should live

| >>668095 cant expect much from a "uh he racist cuz I said so" type of person

| >>668096
If he believes such a thing at least he can stay on topic and respond to the dozens of posts pointing to sources explaining why such a thing won't happen. He obviously didn't read(or understand) a single post before opening his mouth.

Posting his racist knee-jerk responses will only net more knee-jerk responses.

| >>668098
I literally explained why I think he's racist. You don't even seem able to understand what's being said to you...

| >>668101 I undestand what you said I'm just not beleving it, cuz I'm not weak minded enough to change my opinion just cuz some random guy on the internet is calling another random guy on the internet racist

| so what's wrong with racism?

| >>668099 maybe he read, but he doesnt trust the new police force after shuch massive fuck up, wich is in his right

| >>668104
I don't think you do considering your response... lmao you obviously doesn't get it at all.

| >>668106 well racism is bad cuz its literally a bunch of idiots projecting society's failiures on a certain race instead of looking at their corrupt governament and ignorant masses

| >>668111
it sounds like the one projecting here is you though

| >>668109 saying that he is racist only bacause you assumed what he said is something a white supremacist would say is not a solide convincing arguement

| >>668106 >>668111
Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another. It may also mean prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against other people because they are of a different race or ethnicity.

It's completely unscientific and not based in reality.

| >>668116
you sound like the NSDAP back then when they accused anyone of being jewish collaborators

| >>668119
yeah but i don't believe it's unscientific however

| >>668116
That wasn't my explanation. As I said, you don't seem able to understand what's being said to you.

| >>668114 so you thing racism is ok? Blaming an intire group of innocent people just cuz they look different? What you define bad then?

| >>668119
and even then i'm not convinced that it has that 'superiority' aspect to it.

| >>668122
Uh, where's the science to prove it then?

| >>668124
what do you mean blaming? is that what you understand racism to be?

| >>668127
i'm not gonna google it for you, but there's the david reich thing among many others

| >>668128 what ussually racist people complaing is that a certaing race is ruining their society and stealing jobs, and that every race should just never live togheter

| >>668127
and even if there was no science to it, which i don't believe, i would stay on my stances that races shouldn't be smashed together

| >>668133
what i'm complaining about is the total failure of the myth of the melting pot, and even if it was to succeed the result would be undesirable. i hate the fact minorities are messing with the racial population quotas, not their base-level existence. i repeat myself but i don't really care about people as long as they remain in their countries, do not settle in countries that are not of their race (tourism is ok!) and don't shit out children like an assembly line.

| my policy would be simple: no birthright for minorities.

| >>668131 >>668135
Well you should at least study the science instead of taking their credibility at faith.

| then i would have no serious problem with anyone, except seriously stay away from me i don't like people. minorities even less but no hate if >>668139 is there.

| >>668135 there is a lot of scientifc reasons for why mixing is better its preserves dna, can prevent disseases, quicker adatptation, helps the especies evolve faster, creates genetic variety, lets people be more open to changes and gets more chances of preserving us as a species

| >>668141
yeh, true, maybe it's not scientific. but as i said even then i don't want this destructive immigration and racial subverting of countries.

| >>668144
Well that's just dumb and racist lmao

| >>668143
ooh, like the massive mess that is the USA?
and even if you had any shred of evidence i would not care.
i don't want the races to be destroyed. i like white people.

| >>668145
and that reply was even dumber. try to brain.

| >>668147
Even if it's not based in reality you will still hold on to your racist ideology

How is that not dumb and racist lmao

| >>668146 nothing would be destroyed, if people were accepting, and USA is not a example of inclusive place, look at places like brazil and italy, wich have been intriduced to many races and have little to no racial tensions

| it's almost like am the only one who stands for actual human diversity. what would you get if everyone race mixed? in the end everyone would become the same bland gray mush. one race. no more whites, no more blacks, no more asians, no more anything. what makes us beautiful in our differences would be eradicated.
i like blue eyes and white skin. some others like brown eyes and black skin or whatever. your proposal would work to erase that for no real reason..

| >>668149 if you are just going to say racist dumb and not explain why, you are not helping

| >>668149
i don't believe that post is accurate. justice, for example, is something you view as positive, but has no real scientific evidence to support it per se.
>>668150 see>>668151
brazil has a massive murder rate and Italy voted for a populist government to throw immigration out. point..?

| >>668151 no we wouldnt, ever heard of recesive and active genes? Go study, is like saying its impossible for a kid to have good sight just cuz their parent use glasses

| i feel like what the opposition is trying to say is confused beyond "there is no evidence or real reason for being against it" regarding the multikulti melting pot false utopia--
i reply "there is no evidence or real reason to be for it!" even if it "worked" i would be against it. it would achieve nothing.

| >>668153 brazil has a very corrupt governament it has nothing to do with race, and italy doing that cuz they finally realized that leaving the country open in a pandemic is dumb, not race issue either

| >>668152
I just explained it... Do I REALLY have to hold your hand and guide you through the process of understanding? Seriously?

Fine, if you believe in an ideology despite absolutely no verifiable scientific fact to it then you are acting dumb. It's not rocket science.

You're even dumber if there are multiple sources of scientific consensus that disproves your views but you intentionally ignore or fail to understand them and instead chose to believe in myth and falsehoods.

| >>668155
you sound like you're saying that the product of 1 white and 1 black parent would still be white. down the line the genes are simply not expressed and throughout the years if this evil shit keeps going on the genes are simply replaced.
even then i am still against it.

| >>668156 why do you think races should be separete any ways, if its just for genetics just know you are wrong, but if there is any other reason explain why?

| >>668158
how is that post not dumb and anti-white lmao

this is how dumb you sound to us.

name a shithole run by white people.
ex-communist countries will not be counted
also the populist movement started way before the pandemic. do you know what you are talking about?

| >>668159 there will always be a chance that a kid is born white on that family, high mellanine is gene that has priority but it can be deactivated by low mellanine genes, so your arguement is still not valid

| >>668160
why would i be wrong?
ok let's say that for some complicated reason i am wrong. i am talking about *identity* and *unity*.
that people in a society can feel like an actual family, a tribe, not a herd of strangers. it's the racial pathos where people can relate to each other.

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