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So, 2020 Presidential election

| Without throwing insults and attempting to be civil, who are you supporting in 2020? And who do you think will most likely win?

| Couldn't care less

| I'm not American, they can sink to the ground for all I care.

at least I won't have to deal with political debates shitting up every corner i go to

| anyone who chooses to stay the fuck away from the rest of the world

| Not American, but it'll either be Trump or Bernie. It's deeply ironic that the only two iconoclast candidates are in their seventies. Just like the really popular movie stars. Boomers rule the world.

| I'll be supporting Bernie. I want to believe he can unseat Trump, but there is always the possibility that Trump has not upset quite enough of his previous voter base and he still edges out a win. I choose to believe that he *has* pissed off enough people into not voting for him a second time, however.

Sometimes hope is all you have in stuff like this.

| Bernie, consistently polls ahead of trump
trump beat a moderate in 2016 and would destroy anyone else.

| Anyone competent and not fucking senile

| >>628269
pick one

| I want the ghost of Douglas MacArthur in charge.

| I feel the Bern.

| >>628141 OP said be civil ya fuck

| >>628543 he IS civil. After all, every European can agree on one thing - America is a joke.

| Voting for bernie, and i think he has the best chance of anyone unless the democrats totally sabotage him (they're certain to at least some). Trump is the most likely winner after him

| >>628546 Well tell me how's Germany doing after what happened over there. And maybe look up the Dunning-Kruger effect while you're at it too; cause boy you do have a big brain going on there

| >>628546
Agree but Slavic Europe is not real Europe and is a joke too. No wonder why Americans love them.

| i wish the next president isn't a businer

| I want Pete Buttigeige to win. But I think it will probably be Bernie. Even if Pete won the nomination, he'd lose cuz he a gay.

| I am not a American,but I think Trump will win the election because he speaks louder and more toxic.

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This thread is permanently archived