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Is political radicalism a virus

| Like, you have to go through an short edgelord phase in your early 20s to get disgusted by them once for all. Like a vaccine.

| Possibly.

| Are you talking about Dawkin's idea of the mind virus?

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No, rather focusing on the immune reaction of the mind as a part of the growing up process. Some kind of mental chickenpox we have to go through.

| >>626438 Well, isn't it similar to Dawkins's mind viruses? We have immune defenses against normal viruses, why not against memetic viruses?

No, I don't think everyone has to be politically radical at some point. People who are are overrepresented by the 90-9-1 rule. Maybe it wouldn't be wrong to say most people hold a belief too strongly at some point, though.

| radicalism is a strange thought these days. it's intertwined with decades of building up the global war machines through pointless, harmful, and violent wars fought solely to generate profit, and the term radicalism now extends to any idea or person that speaks against that. the bar got lowered in favor of state security. not a beneficial trade off for the masses, but profitable for people in power. it's a trade, liberty for security. i didn't sign up or even get security

| also, just curious what you consider radicalism, because tbh, i'm not even sure i understand the meaning anymore. i dno how i'd define political radicalism anymore. it's been so distorted through lenses and institutions that just abuse the term to maintain power because they can start targeting people and other bad stuff

| >>626438 okay so Dawkin's mind viruses to a t.
>>626474 I think that is what has happened to the term anon. Politicians be like
step 1: polarize everyone
step 2: sell out the country to corps
step 3: profit??

| No political radicalism isn't a virus. It's the natural reaction of humans in an outdated (economical) system that is shaken by (economical) crisis. While extremists on the left seek to overthrow this system, extremists on the right reject, ignore or garble criticism on it and scapegoat supernatural forces, evil conspiracies and/or randomly selected groups of people (often minorities and also based on pseudo-scientific categories such as "race").

| The rise of extremism is also the failure of moderate/centrist politics to avoid/fight this (economical) crisis that failed to either rescue or overcome the (economical) system with reforms, compromises and compensation of (economical) class interests.

| >>626577 >>626576 so it's all economics, if people are happy they don't get angry and go /extreme/? Makes sense.
Bread and circuses or some shit aye

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Yeah, exactly. Even thought this "economical happiness" is still a quite relative thing. People that are used to live in a plentiful consumerist society are much more pissed off by less important issues than people who live in poorer regions. See "identity politics".

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sounds like radicalized gaggle to me

| >>627095 It isn't, you just live in a bubble.

| Well i thinking that i know one think or two about radical politics opinions; I'm actually living in Venezuela... And Damn the leaders here a freaking radicals. The biggets problem Is the chance of mind in the people, here everyone Is an extremist, you're in one band or in the other.

And even if you're oficially in one side, that doesn't guarantees anything that one do Is pointless

| >>627102
you mean i'm not radicalized.

| >>627110 Yes, just that you're ignorant.
If you believe people with higher standards of living have the same worries as those who don't, you're an idiot.
If you think extremists are going to be satisfied with compromises when they have a chance to push ther ideals, you're an idiot.
These are very basic observations one can make, not some over the top sensational article designed to brainwash you, although I will admit accusing others of being into the supernatural is dumb.

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If the leaders in Venezuela where conservatives or (economical) liberals, our media would label their methods to stay in power (=militarism) as "pragmatic" and "necessary evil" to save "liberty" from the "communist menace". It already happened several times. Just look at Chile for example.

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>although I will admit accusing others of being into the supernatural is dumb.
For some it people this still works pretty well: Religious fundamentalists.

| Political radicalization is a response to anarcho-tyranny, i.e. the real or perceived phenomenon in which the State, despite being more powerful and omnipresent than at any point in history, fails to or willingly does not engage in preventing society from collapsing into disarray both culturally and economically. Political radicalization stems from a desire to impose one's will on the State and use it in order to bring (or return) society to an idealized state of order.

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No it's not that retarded meme of a mind virus, I'm talking about a psychological phase people have to go through in order to structure themselves, not about the retarded idea that a concept can live by itself and multiply, especially in different subjective minds who will interpret the concept in different opportunistic ways, rendering its """reproduction""" moot.
This is like retarded on so many levels, just like everything New Atheist I guess.

| >>627139
i think you're trying to radicalize me. i won't listen to your propaganda.

| That's fault of GW, so you're trying to say that "the patriots" ideology Is posible?

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