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make anti-personnell landmines great again!

| US-president Trump tramples down the few positive achievements that are left from his predecessor:


| What's the big deal? A couple of lost legs, some dumb kids and maybe a large animal here and there, no biggie.

| >>623185
Every lost leg, dumb kid and eventually even some big animals here and there (especially cattle/livestock) will help creating ten Terrorists who are willed to kill thousands of people there where the mine comes from. And they won't distinguish between "good" and "bad" US-citizens. They'll give a fuck. Just like the mines don't distinguish between terrorists and civilians. If I was an US citizen I would do EVERYTHING to stop the production and usage of this weapons.

| >>623318 Haha, you fool! It is the United States that supplies these terrorists in the first place!

| >>623328
Haha, you fool! These terrorists give a fuck about who supply them. See 9/11. That's the last line of the joke in US-foreign policy.

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This thread is permanently archived