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Chinese Virus: How worried should westerners be?

| One of my friends is so worried about the virus that they refuse to go to the city (I live in the East Coast) just because one person got the virus, but they are quarantined.
How worried should anyone here be?

| All this talk about the virus is based on completely unjustified claims. I mean, bats? That's just dumb, it's actually really tasty and I'd encourage you to eat it if only to disprove this ludicrous claim.
Also, this atmosphere of toxicity that grew around the relations with Chinese minorities is racist and based purely on hate. Just because these people were hit hardest by the disease doesn't mean they should get less affection and tolerance. I say, hug your Chinese friends, show

| love to strangers, they're not animals. Hug them, kiss them, it's what makes us human. We should definitely open up to these poor people and let them in without prejudice.

| >>623047 I live in the East Coast as well too, as for me I'm not too worried about it. Noted, it shouldn't be taken as a joke--but it's way over exaggerated thanks to the media instilling fears to the public. I'd be more worried about getting in a car crash than the virus

| Unless you have a weak immune system I don't see why you would have to worry.

| Besides that, all they're saying is wash your hands regularly to avoid spreading it and obviously wear a mask

| Westerners would be worried if the corona viruses were muslims or, even worse, communists. But hey: The viruses are from china - so techntheyically THEY ARE communists. This means westerners should declare war on china now. I mean it will happen anyways sooner or later. Or at least the west could support anti-communist forces, maybe fascists or muslims, for the sake of continuity (and to have a new villain if they do their job to well).

| honestly what scares me the most is the fact that we're getting most of our numbers from china, an authoritarian regime that puts the utmost value on image and saving face. unless western cases escalate out of nowhere and people start dropping dead in the streets like you see in those wechat videos, i wouldn't worry any more about cnov than i would worry about the flu

| >>623056 so we're not going to ask about the Nipah virus, or any other disease they may carry?

>>623047 people say there is a higher fatality than SARS, but less contagious, problem is media can cause a scare just to boost their own ad revenue, just like with the ebola crisis of 2016, practicing good hygiene is important, reconsider travel to China and Southeast Asia.

| yes, living in the countryside is a way of preventing spread, but then the problem is if enough panic is caused so people evacuate cities before governments have time to prevent spreading

| you need to know that。
the panic spreads faster than viruses in China
I empathize

| In my opinion, you and your guys don't need to worry about an outbreak from outside your country, you just need to worry about whether people in those countries will run around and travel.(60%they will
As for whether they will try to escape the isolation room or Attack doctors and nurses,(80%will happened
that's my concern

| >>623126 oh absolutely, no need to worry about any viruses. I mean, what's the worst that can happen, right? I say you should find some Chinese on Tinder and eat some bat soup together, 美味的. I mean, you're not racist, right? You should stop thinking about these nonsense issues and let us through the border, 外人.

| >>9db0bc
H-have you ever eaten a bat?!!
Σ( ° △ °|||)︴
bat look so evil how did you.....

| >>623199
bats are kinda cute, youtube the guy feeding grapes to their fruit bat. as far as dying from some virus, better sooner than later IMO.

people are dumb and scared as heck though. talked to a girl who was convinced their cousin had the virus. we are nowhere near east coast. refuses to go near them. if you really though it was the corona youd fucking get her quarantined, right?

| >>623199 oh yes, it is uma delicia. I don't understand how can we, dumb westerners, dislike delicious vermin in our food. I mean, it's not like they're known to be carriers of diseases, right? That'd be dumb. Definitely not my grandmother from 維尼熊 is over 100 yo while only eating bat soup and roasted monkey cocks so that can only mean it's a healthy diet, right? Haha, yes, I encourage you to eat these delicious meals with your 優越 Chinese friends and not worry about that dumb virus

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