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On a scale of 1-10, how screwed is Onision?

| So far, his world is coming apart entirely

| Why has everyone always been so obsessed with him

| >>960c20 because he's a predator

| I think most people just watch him as observation

| The original Predator Catcher is on his ass, so I imagine he's an 11 on the screwed-o-meter.


| Heard he sued the wrong Chris Hansen too

| >>621740

tengen toppa kekken kekkimus.

| Isn't he the one that made the banana song back then? What happened to him?

| VEGETARIAN BODYYYY destined to prepubescent chicks.

| >>4901fe No one knows, I remember years before that people started calling him (or himself) "Cuck King"

| >>622160 basically he forced some drama to get popular again. There are some good recaps of his history on YouTube, they're pretty entertaining to listen to.

| >>622160 He has a long history of doing very shitty things (there are wikis that for years have been dedicated to this). Most recently are all the credible allegations of him being a child predator, with many people coming forward that he has wronged over the years. Chris Hansen has been investigating him for a while, and the FBI is on him too.

Also recently surfaced was information concerning his actions after his daughter (2) fell out a window and cracked her head open.

| What worries, and bothers me is that he has kids...

| Oh wow. Never knew that he's such a bad person. I hope the daughter is alright.

| Chris Hansen's party van is on the move. Onision is pretty screwed.

| Was browsing through about Onision, and found out he made a few books tf??

| >>623060 Those books are notorious for being absolutely terrible.

Look at the reviews from Strange Aeons and KrimsonRogue.

| poop

| Nigger / 10. He's fucked

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This thread is permanently archived