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Why the fuck is jordan peterson hip and cool

| I hate this so much he is so unbelievably stupid and yes this is politics

| I only know he tells people to wash their penis, which is essential wisdom in these trying times.

| He does not seem that bad.
I'd rather have him where he is then not.

| Sjw cuck detected.

| >>620737 do you not know the visual novel this app is based on

| >>620742
I do know.

| Everybody loves a Serious Rationalist Just Talking Facts who thinks god talks to him through his wife's dreams

| >>620839
i get the same impression about psychologists but don't think that's the case in this example.

| >>620839 the problem with peterson isnt that he wouldnt be interested in making peoples lives better. Its the conservative values based on the behavior of lobsters which he thinks will better everyones lives in society

| >>621709
I'm glad to see, that there are people left who still are able to see through such things.

| I think peterson has an atractive narrative to young males that are kinda lost. Like, it's prolly comforting to them the "clean your room and everything will be ok" idea peterson preaches about. Doesn't make it less dumb though, in the end he's one of these wacky self help pseudo academics that borderline brainwashes people with his dumb ideas

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What are you referring too?

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This thread is permanently archived