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Corona Virus in China spreads from People to People.

| https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/01/21/china-says-coronavirus-that-has-killed-6-can-spread-between-people-heres-what-we-know.html

Are you living in Greenland? If so envy you you lucky bitch but anyway what are your thoughts? Is someone playing plague Inc IRL? Is this the Umbrella Corp? Nature?

| >>618885
If this is Plague Inc then boy do they suck if they start getting Severity up with just China infected. At best you'd want Saudi Arabia and Russia so you can nuke Greenland early on.

ggwp tho

| >>618932 well Chinese New year is there gurl so many people will be going on holiday in all those places

| tfw an outbreak starts in China, spreads and kills exponentially in the west but no one can do anything because the left would accuse them of being aligned with the alt right and insist that they are fearmongering because of sinophobia

| take me god

| I'd this manages to kill off Tencent, I'm all the happier for the plague

| Oh good I'm not the only one to be reminded of Plague Inc.

| I live in China
Seriously I didn't feel terrified
I believe our CDC can solve this problem
I even survived the SARS crisis of 2003

| >>6cbf83I heard an outbreak in the US (maybe fake news). Is that true? Tell me

| >>6cbf83 I heard an outbreak in the US (maybe it's fake news). Is that true? Tell me ((i got a repair again

| >year of the rat begins
>a new plague starts raising

| Please God let it mutate into a zombie virus, please God let it mutate into a zombie virus, it's the only proof of your existence I need at this point.

| I kind of want this to be like black plague again...but maybe not a good idea

Chinese citizen deliberately took medicine to bypass screenings the the country installed to prevent the virus spreading, she was caught in France bragging about what she had done.

| >>492c56 yes i hear that
“Viruses are more inclined to cross national borders”
I just ran out of DNA points.

| in china Some patients even attack the doctor

I believe I will win this Turn soon

| they closed off Wuhan city. very quarantine much sick

| Build an immunologic system and make China pay for it. No virus should cross the border illegally.

| >>619699 >>619700

It's true: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/01/21/china-coronavirus-outbreak-cdc-first-us-case-washington-state/4532063002/

| >>619376
Ten cents for every thread you derail!
>i'm not worried: i actually survived last time!

| >>619699 Yeah, it is spreading rapidly in where I live and unlike the officil statements about the virus it is really deadly at the same time...
The worst part is that some of the chinese cunts are taking massive amount of antipyreticss to get around quarantine checks

| >>618966
Are you sure that's how chinese new year works? I mean, it's a time to spend with family as far as I know, I find more probable that chinese people from all around the globe would migrate to see their families in china (and later they would come back, some with the virus)

| >>619699
Who cares about the USA? People in this rotten burger, fries and fake-cheese nation are already so sick that one virus more or less makes no difference.

| >>619913
This is true, also it wouldn't matter anyways as the healthcare system in the USA is so bad everyone is going to die of cancers if the virus doesn't get them. So either way it doesn't really matter, none of this matters.

| >>619914
I think a potentially deadly virus does matters a bit, don't you think?

| >>619917 you're going to die too.

| >>619948
I never doubt it.

| I seriously hope that everyone is safe, and that this virus blows over soon. New epidemics are always frightening to hear about.

| >>619376 The bad thing is that scummy people like the woman in>>619794 could fake their way into other countries and spread that shit everywhere.

| >>620067 the death penalty should be instituted again.

| And of course china attempted to censor it.. what for, actually?

| some bad news
The Epidemic in Wuhan seems to be worse than official figures.(twice or more

There's a lot of cross-infection between Patients(i mean The Suspected patient

Now Wuhan has been sealed off.

good news is one of them has been cured

| I think media isnt trust worth antway...

| living in china
new report from Wuhan
now everyone said the hospital is most dangerous places
Even some medical staff are infected now
we lack medical consumables(Mask!)
Those who wear Chemical protective clothing are not even willing to take off
Because there's no new suit for them to replace.(some of them even wearing over one day more and no drink and no eat)

| >>620192
24'h Overworked doctors and Nurses They can’t even have a good lunch

i Used Google Translate for this

I posted these just in the early morning of the Spring Festival
I believe there will be a bigger outbreak after the Spring Festival

I feel powerless for my country for the first time

| >>620193
You feel powerless for the first time? In china?!

| Powerless for the country, not plain old powerless.

| >>87811e
Maybe the translation conveys the wrong meaning (maybe I shouldused "hopeless" )

| >>e1ae17
But don't you feel afraid?
In just a few days, I went from indifferent to wait and see. Now the masks in the pharmacy near my home are sold out.

| Plague Inc. is getting popular in china rn

| >>620248
Peoplw in china like dark humour huh

| >>620193 谢谢你的更新! 在那里安全。

| >>619714
Not sure if misanthrope or just American with a gun collection

| I'm sipping on some bat soup in Beijing. Uma delicia!

| Can't wait for densely populated American cities to get infected and be wiped off the face of the Earth

| Damn don't cut yourself on that edge.

| I heard that the virus was created by muslims to fight the non-believers. It was done with help of communist china, which are allied with feminists, environmentalists and homosexuals. But in the end it'll turn out that jews are behind it, like always. The primary goal of this virus is to kill all white, heterosexual males, the most persecuted and oppressed group in history.

| >>621161 why yes, it is, unironically, the precise truth of the matter. How did you know?

| >>621161 *all white, heterosexual gamers

| >>621161 *all white, heterosexual gamers

| In other news Hong Kong rioters have firebombed a designated quarantine zone supposedly because it is too close to their homes and they really only have 8 confirmed infected so they believe that China is planning to send mainlanders to stay at that facility said one Hong Kong protester.

| >>621271


| >>621290 here's is a YouTube link to one of the videos https://youtu.be/0ZFMhJcruOc and well it's on a lot of different news outlets but here is a link to Fox news https://www.foxnews.com/world/coronavirus-hong-kong-protesters-firebomb-quarantine-building.amp

| >>621302


| the corona virus this time is not as deadly as the one back in 2003 which was called SARS.But it is much more easier to spread aruond.the situation is under the control of the government now with some quick and strong actions.Even the number of patients is still rising but everything will turn out alright. I wish humankind a better future.


| Is anyone else here even old enough to remember all of the shit storm panic online with SARS? I remember people shitting themselves day and night on various forums.

| In china some said that we finally had a rational reason to stay at home and do nothing in order to fight against the plague.

| Styxhexenhammer reliable

| >>621476 and it is, indeed, the truth. Why are you repeating the post?

| >>cadd1b Now there's a new reason to stay at home.

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