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Turkey invades syria

| Where are the sanctions like in the case of russia and the (bloodless) "occupation" of crimea? Is it because Turkey is a NATO member and the NATO gives basically a shit about some kurdish commies? And once more the massive hypocrisy of the western world and the powerlessness of international institutions is demonstrated in practice. It seems democracy, liberty and sovereignty is only seen as a privilege for some people in "chosen" countries which wonder why there's mass migration.

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| It looks like you have no culue what's really going on.
Believe it or not Turkey is not invading Syria. They're culling the militant groups dangering the Syria and around. What's really interesting is all the media around the world taking this oparation against the Kurds. Which is partly true. "some" Kurdish groups are always been organising terrorist attacks for part of land in Turkey, and Turks are so nice to the them, they even have right to speak in parliment. weird right?

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It looks like you have no culue what's really going on.
Believe or not Turkey is invading Syria. They supported militant, islamist groups (including such that are close to ISIS), opposing the legitimate government in syria and threatening ethnical minorities like kurds, alewites and yazids.
Erdogans reign is based equally on turkish nationalism and islamism.
>they even have right to speak in parliment
Oh really? How it comes so many of them went into jail for no reason?

| You gurls are getting lazy. Copying a typo. I have no >>culue why would you do that.

Alright, continue the arguments.

| Shits fucked, American collusion with turkey. This is some late game eu4, stuff. Nibble on your sovereignty bro.

| everybody invades Syria
this isn't even the first time Torkey has done it in the last few years
c'est la vie

| >>601522 Oh did you watch the CNN news as well? Let me clearify this. The groups named YPG and PKK are terrorist groups and been terrorising the country over 20 years. The most media doesn't want you to know this just because good ol us of a decided to help those fuckers to fight isis. And turkey is like; what the fuck bro i've been trying to get rid of these "terrorists". what are you doin?
Usa Replied; terrorist I thought they were kurdish citizens? Are you sure?
"Turkey left"

| >>601522 Didn't Bashar Al-Assad use chem weapons on civvies?

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>the groups named YPG and PKK are terrorist groups and been terrorising the country over 20 years.
1. The YPG is an independent organization and did not terrrorize ever any country, except ISIS
2. The PKK leader is imprisoned and called for truce in 1999
3. This truce was broken by turkish government under erdogan, which started attacking kurdish regions after the failed military coup, which had nothing to do with the pkk.

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Well, I wouldn't say Assad is a good guy, who would never do such a thing. On the other hand, western media (especially usa and gb) can't be trusted, since they already lied about the sadam in iraq. Also it's quite hypocritical if we think about from where people like assad or sadam got this kind of weapons. The west rather should stop and punish businessmen and politicians who were involved in this affairs before starting chanceless regime-changes allied with islamists.

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No, you're wrong.
Turkey is like: "I've already beaten this terrorist, but I need them to distract people who are dissatisfied since it seems my autocratism, nationalism and islamism doesn't provide wealth"
It was the Turkish government, which broke the peace process with the pkk. They became paranoid after the failed coup d'etat, probably done by some ex-erdogan fellow living in the US (fetullah guehlen). Beside that Erdogan is a simple-minded but power-hungry asshole.

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I would rather live in a dictaorship led by Ă–calan than in the "democracy" led by Erdogan.

| so what have we learned? kurds are smelly and erdogan is a watermelon seller.

Heil Europa...

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Erdogan is a dumb, zoophile goatherd how came into power by accident.

| That is too early, it's not even Thanksgiving, yet.

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