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I don't get "neutral genders"

| Seriously, I find it confusing, one can't just not be part of a gender. Could anyone please try explaining?

BTW, there's a difference between sexuality and gender so of course it doesn't mean things like asexual

| Neutral genders or gender neutral?

| I think you touch upon it with mentioning the difference between sex and gender. Some people find the genders inherently fundementally different in personality and try to be 'above then'. But I find these people weird so maybe I'm not the best one to answer.

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there's no difference between sex and gender. you're getting confused between both these things and sexual preferences / personality.

"gender-neutral" is a term used by people that are unhappy with themselves and seek refuge in the attempt to ignore or forget their true gendered nature by using different identities that make them feel less dysphoric about themselves.

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| That just depends on your definition of gender, which people can't seem to agree on. If you think gender is typical behaviors associated with sexes (i.e. females where dresses, males don't shave their legs etc.) Then gender neutral is just having typical behavioral patterns from both sexes. If you think gender is something etherial and part of the soul then gender neutral is more like a religious term in that its up to personal interpretation.

| Had a gay psychiatrist tell me yesterday that he has to ask what patients mean when they mention their identity because everyone essentially has their own definitions of many such alphabet terms.

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In theory, gender-neutral means that you don't feel like you're a part of any particular group like 'males' or 'females' or what have you. None of that has to correspond with your physical appearance or things you do.
To use a metaphor, if someone posted burg or angry burg on /burg/ but didn't consider themselves part of the Holy Army of Burg or the Evil Legions of Angry Burg they'd be anger-neutral.

| In practice, it often means people who try and present themselves as splitting the difference between male and female. You could do that and still be gender neutral, but you could probably also do it and not actually BE gender neutral, just look like other gender neutral people.
To continue the metaphor, that would be someone who posts exactly 50% burg and 50% angry burg. That doesn't really have anything to do with which faction they align with.

| In addition this is complicated by the fact that lots of gender-neutral people consider themselves part of the group of gender-neutral people. This essentially makes them into a separate gender, and thus not really gender neutral.
That would be like saying you don't feel like part of any /burg/ army. Then you and the other people who feel the same way join together on /burg/ to make threads that are half burg and half angry burg. You've then kinda joined a /burg/ army.

| When >>599047 says 'gender is typical behaviors associated with sexes' it's that same idea that leads to>>599157

I'm only here to explain the idea of gender neutral, not affirm or deny the acceptability of being gender neutral, nor decide on whether or not to hyphenate it.

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| So what i'm getting is that this is just the new way of saying tomboy and girlyboy

| >>599198 this

| Do you consider yourself "gender-neutral" when your reaction to discourse is "goddamnit, I'm too dumb for this complicated bullshit, just gotta be a human being I guess"
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| Basically that means you care about gender but too lazy to get involved in whole shebang.
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| I read a book called Half Past Human where humans had evolved into mindless hive creatures with no personal space needs. Some of them had the gene that made them independent and 'more human' and most of them had pinky toes, while the hive humans didn't have any. So maybe pinky toes are important >>599529

>>599431 I guess so. It's not really that complicated though: If you feel like a g/u/rl, then you're a g/u/rl. If not, then why are you on danger/u/?

| >>599603
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