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The Area 51 Raid may cause the internet to change if something bad will happen over there.

| News will probably go wild if there will be any casualties about how internet is bad, yadda yadda. Save this post and then see what will happen.

| People aren't going to do anything and you damn well know it.

| Maybe that'd be a good thing, the internet has already been mostly taken over by corporations so we need to make the next leap in communications and find a successor

| >>597262 Gopher

kinda, not really a raid but it seems like a comfy meetup with cool people, wish I was there

| Well seems like they had a good little get together. We should have raids more often

| Nah I think they just gonna do naruto running in the town, like some kind of flash mobs alike. I hope so.

| >>597480

It looks like they just had a party- a few thousand people showed up, and no shots were fired. At least one person was detained and then released.

| If they couldn't stop one idiot from killing himself and their passenger (https://youtu.be/RgC2BWWqdOc), what are they going to do with several thousand people?

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This thread is permanently archived