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projared is innocent???

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBywRBbDUjA

a pedo tries to defend himself xD

| literally all that changed is that someone lied about their ages

dude still cheated on his wife and/or helped Holly cheat while she was still w/Ross, and dude still tried to get nudes from his mainly underage fanbase without doing any better job at checking for age than the "R U 18?" prompt that every curious 12 year old knows to lie to

but tbh he's internet funnyman and he probably could've just never stopped and he'd have survived just fine.
But I guess he's not legally a pedo

| He may not legally be a pedo but he's still a creep

| >>594350 Regarding his marriage though, he was apparently in an open relationship where he is encouraged to find other sexual partners, hence why he was doing the nudes thing anyways. Plus, Holly isn't with Ross anymore.

He also brought up in the video the point that him being in the position that he is means that he should have been more responsible, so hopefully no worries now.

Oh, and 150k unsub is very miniscule indeed. Totally didn't get his reputation ruined or anything.

| Mmmh not feeling like watching that vid. But prior to it I already know that
> They were in an open relationship
> Her wife was a kind of an asshole
> Posting nudes of someone online is kind of being an asshole (revenge porn)
> Cancel culture is bad and the internet always quick to jump to conclusions
> I never really cared about ProJared lmaooo

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This thread is permanently archived