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Bait thread

| Post your controversial opinions here to try to get into an arguement. Trolling allowed. I'll start.
1. Homosmexuality is a genetic defect and gender dysphoria is a mental illness.
2. The Holocaust was a lie. Inconsistent accounts, sloppy investigation, and a lack of hard evidence points to Zionist propaganda.
3. Communism will never work because it essentially relies on the goodwill of others to function.

| 4. I love sex

| >>594041 I don't. It's nothing but a biological act that serves no purpose than to continue the survival of the species. Furthermore, the dopamine released when one engages in lust tend to cloud ones judgement in regards to the character of their mate, falling into the trap of 'love' where which they attach themseles to each other, only to eventually realise they do not mesh well together and break apart.

Tl;dr: i hate sex

| I agree with 1 and 3
2 is up for discussion
I also love sex

| >>3dd478
1: technically true but not one that warrants being "addressed" beyond helping people transition/be comfortable, they have no ill effects on society

2: that's not an opinion that's just factually wrong and the burden of proof is on you to say what credible evidence contradicts our records if history

3: probably yeah

| >>594047 lmao you're missing out

| >>594120 you know that transitioning actually increases the odds of them suiciding, right?

| >>d2755c that's an out of context statistic leaving out the fact that they usually cave after being treated like shit by people and refused human rights

Also seeing that dead horse of a take tells me all I need to know about the people watching this thread so I'm cutting myself from of this cancer early

| >>594135 out of context? Lemme give you some context then, no other group that's ever been persecuted has ever had such high suicide rates and after transitioning the numbers have an upwards jump.

Do you honestly think that it's only due to being mistreated that transgender suicide while all other groups that suffer at least as much don't have the same scenario? To me that sounds like bullshit logic meant to avoid the main issue.

| >>594120 You only need to look up holohoax on Google to get your answers.

>>594140 To be fair, it might not just be a matter of genetic imbalance, more a culture of self-victimization. I've seen trans people in Asia, from India to Thailand to Indonesia, and they're tough nuts to crack. Though they have to be considering where they live.

| >>594140 I'd agree that there are likely other factors contributing to the high suicide rate, but that doesn't mean we can completely discount persecution as a cause of suicide. Maybe we should just not persecute them anyways?

| The world would be better off without fem males. I would rather hang out with bros until we all die out than get nagged to baldness by my bitch whore MIL and the cunt leeches she calls daughters.

| >>594029
Those aren't "controversial opinions", those are scientifically, empirically and logically disproved lies and hate speech.
Also a "controversial opinion" needs scientific, empirical or at least logical evidence. Everything else is bullshit.
This is btw. no "controversial opinion" but more a common ground that people, even with different opinions, should have.

| 1. Alabama is threatened by Dorian
2. Most rich people gained their status due to their own hard and honest work.
3. Old white men don't suffer from an indentity crisis
4. Capitalism is great and makes people free and every criticism on it is the first step to autocracy, gulags and mass starvation and has to be silenced with all means.
5. The USA are the greatest country in the world and everyone loves it, because it brings freedom and peace to every corner in the world.

| your opinion is yours

| >>594262
This isn't how society works. The sum of individual opinions have consequences - also for those who don't share them. Also money and weapons are very successful in making some opinions dominating others - much more than reason, logic and humanism.

| >>594260 and the most retarded post prize goes to you!

Have fun "empirically" experiecing communism, thinking historical events can be "scientifically" proven or disproven and never treating any of your mental disorders because you believe they're part of what makes ypu "special".

I bet you also favor Newtonian physics over quantum physics since Netwon's version is still "empirically" correct(the math adds up, like it or not) and easier to understand.

| But who am I to say anything? Everything that disagrees with the leftist propaganda is "pseudoscience" so I must be wrong.
Have fun with your "real" science ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

| 1. People shoud have sex permits
2. Food companies stagnates GMO research for profits while thousands are dying from malnutrition
3. World scale Identity crisis is ignored
4. Human kind creats delinquents to blame problens on
5. Hooters is a family friendly stripper restaraunt
6. Nuremberg process was unjust.
7. Destalinization was a mistake.
8. USA should have expected 9/11 after what they've done in Middle East.
9. Just split afghanistan between UK and Russia

| 1. trans people are just as valid as cis people.
2. gay people are just aa valid as straight people.
3. people of colour are just as valid as white people.
4. gender isn't a binary and there are more than two genders.
5. the supposed "anti-sjws" get more offended than anyone else.
6. socialism is a political ideology that more people should read up on.
7. sex isn't a binary, there are more than two sexes.
8. gamergate was never about ethics in games journalism.

Trans Rights

| >>594374
1. Wrong
2. Right
3. There's no such thing as "people of color" it's all just people.
4. Wrong
5. Right
6. Wrong, socialism is completely unsustainable, give preference to either capitalism and communism those two aren't perfect but are at least viable.
7. WTF? This one is new and completely insane, deny gender all you want but human biological sex can only deviate from the norm through mutation.
8. It was about a bitch who makes shitty games sleeping with critics

| unless people are linking evidence arguing these things on a board like this is pointless. You can't make much of an informative, accurate post in 500 characters or less, so snappy, cleverly worded misinformation breeds best.

Granted, that's the point of the thread, say a blatant lie or two under the guise of """opinions""" and hope to spread some misinformation

| >>594384 that's why fiction is superior to non-fiction, you have no need to wonder if it's fake or not, you know it's fake

| 1. there are many things that Hitler was right about
2. "transitioning" is abhorrent degeneracy that destroys lives and is responsible for the rarification of tomboys and femboys, thus garbage and lethal - while inexcusable defended by lying fags
3. Europe is white and should remain so at least 90%
4. to each race their own place
5. the truth is that men are tired of liberty

| >>594374

| A C C E L E R A T E

| The LGBTQ+(or whatever) "community" doesn't exist. The subgroups often disagree on very important key issues. A prime example being the recent "canceling" of contrapoints on Twitter. Intersectionalism is one of the stupidest "ideologies" to ever exist.

| >>594509 >>594510 bruh, capitalism doesn't care about identity politics, if having you around generates a net gain then you are welcome.
capitalism is about money, M-O-N-E-Y, if you generate more money than you cost then capitalism is your ally that's all there is to it.

It has nothing to do with right-wing or left-wing or any of those dirty cultist politics, it's about money, whatever makes money without devaluing it is what true capitalists strive for!

| Honestly does anyone really think that the bourgeoisie gives a rat's ass to little plans of revolution from retards that are so economically incompetent that they can barely manage to make enough to survive?
They don't, they know that your little communism games will fail without intervention because all you know about economy was written by a freeloader that only had money because of his wife's family, get real the bourgeoisie is too busy making money to worry about small fries

| You know who really is fighting against communism?

Normal people who are fighting hard for better living conditions, people whose efforts will be made pointless by your petty schemes, people that will have to start over and regain what they had through sheer effort after your little economical experiment fails.

Most rich people will get back up fast after communism falls, they're not rich for nothing.
It's common folks who will suffer most from your stupid idealistic dystopia.

| Wow some of you g/u/ys have a very premium version of modelsim that can simulate society on earth, that's insane !

| This system is only broken because of government interference. True capitalism hasn't been tried yet. Anarcho-Capitalism ftw

| >>594588 ancaps be like:
oh hey there's two coffee shops right across the street from each other. what if they could have WARS?

| >>cf87c5
>bruh, capitalism doesn't care about identity politics
This is false. As long as the masses will be kept fighting about inane stuff like their identity they will never realise/change the negative aspects of capitalism. It is in the billioneres interests to keep us ignorant and tired since it makes us consume more.

If it's possible to keep people down and dependant on your expensive services then it is in the rich capitalists interests 100% of the time.

| >>594628 and you guys accuse right wingers of believing conspiracy theories... Ultra kek
(=ಠ ل͟ ಠ=)

| >>594644
Baited, hook line and sinker.

But since you opened your mouth why don't you tell us about how the billioneres rule the ecnomy since you're(obviously) well educated on the subject. I'm sure forcing people to get 3 jobs, live in depth and get overcharged by healthcare is right wing altruism amirite?

| Oi, you guys better no be lumping me in with the masses. I'm definitely worse than that.

| >>594519
>bruh, capitalism doesn't care about identity politics,
>if having you around generates a net gain then you are welcome. capitalism is about money, M-O-N-E-Y,
>if you generate more money than you cost then capitalism is your ally that's all there is to it.
And here you're wrong. You just ignored the issue of eternal growth, which will never be satisfied. The material world is limited, and commercialication of the imaterial world leads to autocratism.

| If everyone is the same religion, ethnicity, and sexual identity/orientation then they won't fight over it. Problem solved. This can be achieved in 2 ways. You could separate everyone into groups who aren't allowed to interact with each other or you could pick one and get rid of all the others. I like the idea of forced interacial breeding so that everyone ends up mixed and outlawing religion altogether. Easy stuff.

| Or we can just put moderate policies in place that mitigate the negatives of the current system and realize there are always going to be bad people and people you disagree with and that there's always going to be people who can take advantage of any system. Instead of reaching for a Utopia maybe we should just strive to be slightly better than we were before with small changes over time.

| But people are always going to care about those things unless we force them to stop caring about them. Even without the big bad provocatour capitalists people are going to argue about these things

| waw that's some serious business wall of bait

that's a fucking monument we got here...

| I like this thread since we get to go all over the place and let the conversation actually flow

| >>594949 it's better than "commie g/u/rl vs capitalist g/u/rl #44"

| It is impressive how we manage to tie everything back to argumentents over economic systems no mater what we started with.

| >>595102 I gave up on getting back on topic, those commies never stop trying to change the subject to their blind beliefs

| >>595109 dude you're talking about the red scare that happened decades ago, communism was the system approved by the USSR and the Americans pushed it as evil to make the soviets(AKA the enemy of the cold war) lose popularity.

Now every big company pushes communism as the revolutionary beautiful solution of all problems while making everyone believe capitalism is bad and I still don't get why they do that.

| >>594521
>because all you know about economy was written by a freeloader that only had money because of his wife's family, get real the bourgeoisie is too busy making money to worry about small fries
That "freeloader" was politically persecuted and understood more of economy than most capitalists did and still do today. This is why they sound like religious doomsday-preachers or even run rampage as soon a crisis is in sight.

| >>595111 Let's be honest, read this thread and tell me who actually sounds like a 'doomsday preacher".

Put all else aside, just tell me who is acting like that.

| >>595114 in which universe I live?
In the one where my coworkers almost lynched me and I almost got fired for saying that I like capitalism.

Those things you people talk about feel alien to me because I always get in serious trouble for not endorsing communism.

| Now what I hate the most is when people say that I'm not really happy with the way my life is going and that I'm oppressed without knowing it.
Shit, go fuck yourself I may know nothing about economic systems but I know more about myself than your idiotic messiah Karl Marx, shut up and don't ever pretend to know me better than myself you self righteous pricks, claim whatever you want about sustainability and economy but don't come saying that you know how I truly feel inside

| >>595121 >>595122
And here's another problem I have with commies, you're practically saying that if I'm happy in the current system is because I'm being lied to but if I was happy under communism it would be real happiness, it's like a priest saying that salvation comes only in heaven and that you must get rid of worldly desires.

How can I even know that it's not the way around?

| >>595125 so you admit at least the communists on this thread are the crazy doomsday preachers.

| >>595129 once again, how do I know it's not the other way around? Do you have any guarantee that you're not the one who's actually trying to keep me happy until it's time to get rid of me?

| Round 2 electric boogaloo
1. People should eat vegies only
2. There are three humam genders/sexes (technically speaking)
3. Australia isn't scary, it's batshit insane
4. Most popular shows a mediocore
5. Capitalism will lead humanity to on mass unemployment
[insert "911 was an inside job"]
P.S. I had to write allah to send this pls respond harsh

| >>595138 shut up, vegans have no right to opinions

| >>595139 but man you know how much we waste on those meatsacks? It could feed THE ENTIRE EARTH! TWICE!

Okay, but real talk, meat consumption is really high in civilised countries, we should think about moderation before it's too late, like plastic in our ocean or anine

| Anime*

| /new/ is kinda empty it's actually scary

| >>595142 don't talk shit about anime!

| Meat is honestly really bad for the environment. We probably should eat a lot less of it...
but it tastes so good (¯﹃¯ )

| >>595211 you're not describing a communist, you're describing an anarchist and I'm totally ok with anarchy.
I just don't like the idea of not having private property that comes with communism.

| B A I T




| What the heck happened to 10+ posts?

| >>595275

Ban evasion.

| They were retarded posts made by pots that call the kettle black

| >>595275
Maybe they were to dangerous for danger/u/
So let's talk about less dangerous stuff like the superiority of white people and males...

| >>595293 or maybe they're not dangerous enough and were removed for having safe mainstream opinions

| >>595293 also, claiming men are superior when there are only girls on the internet, for reals?

| >>595275

| >>595312
I prefer wrshp, thank /u/

| All will be trans. Destory the natural order. Take the pink pill.

| women belong in the kitchen :)

| >>595484 then go back ro the kitchen you bitch, there's no men in the internet
> purer jock nazi

| >>595485 suck my fat cock you worthless foodmaker, i'm the one and only man on the entire fucking internet. let that sink in.

| What an edgelord. This g/u/rl must be new

| >>595472 wow, your comment was engineered to anger both the pro and anti transgender groups! That's a rare example of an umbrella rig bait, banned from all bass fishing tournaments for being too effective!

Sadly it seems no one is biting

| >>595486 it's IN THE FORUM RULES. you're a g/u/rl, get over it

| Happy 9/11 to everyone!
May the rotten US-imperialists continue to suffer from the terror they sowed.

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