Coup d'etat in UK?

| https://www.oann.com/uk-government-may-extend-parliament-break-until-october-14-guardian/

| Niiiiiiice!
Coup d'etat!
Coup d'etat!
Coup d'etat!
Coup d'etat!
Coup d'etat!
Coup d'etat!
Let the fun crazy conspiracy begin!

| The queen should take over the parliament and declare herself prime minister.

| >>592791
Why not just strait up "Queen"? Kinda holds a bit more strength to it, no?

| >>592791 she'd better declare herself the empress and start a ploy to take over the world

| >>592791
This is how to deal with monarchs:

| >>593023
> hur dur, I'm so edgy let's kill the queen because monarchs must die
Ok buddy.

| >>593047
The existence of monarchies in this century is edgy itself. It's against everything a modern society stands for.
As long there is a single cent spent for this outdated institution, this anachronistic waste nothing is too edgy to do something against it.

| It's not even a true monarch. It's just a figurehead and has little to now power. Let people salute the sweet old lady and don't get your panties in a wad over nothing.

| bring back monarchy! federate our people and preserve civilizational spirit!

| We need a constitutional elective monarchy. The monarchs are elected by vote, like the pope, but they lack of any political power, and everything is decided by a cognatic hereditary parliament.

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