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Hong Kong protests escalate further as a man with his arms up in the air is detained by police.

| https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2437291553158983&id=2406628919558580

| >>8805ed chinabot spotted

| >>592067 maybe it's not a bot, there's a very small chance that it's a Chinese government official instead :p

> lades rumps porno

| >>592076
Why tf chinese authorities would have interest in changing random mostly non-chinese anons' minds on not very popular subboard of not very popular board in the first place?

| >>592078 no idea, maybe they like Va11 Hall-a
Maybe they stumbled coincidentally here and went full defense mode when they saw a thread that their boss would disapprove.

Or maybe it is really just a chinabot that can complete the captcha

| >>592239 Isis fights the Syrian government too, yes, but don't most media attention and aid go to the Kurds?

| It's not even as complicated as the syriam civil war, as there are only two players: Hong kong is a democratic sovereign state, china is a dictatorship that regularly commits human rights violations. It's only natural people are rooting for HK here

| >>592239 to me it's simple, Chinese slave powered factories are cheaper than full automation, what means my goal of being an automation engineer is a lot harder as long as China is around, so I root for any and all who want to take China down so I can have an easy time finding a job on factories building machines that build things.

And before you question my morality. I'm egocentrical and want to remove all obstacles in my own life regardless of the consequences for others.

| Violent protester = CIAniggers

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This thread is permanently archived