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Gamer might face 20 years in prison for role playing a terrorist on an online mmorpg.

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0yml9ISQm0


| 20 years are too much but you shouldn't joke about shooting people with an AK, even less on a game about magic, cs:go and an mmorpg about magic don't have the same context

| I have the same opinion as this youtube comment
"If you are playing a fantasy game that does not have guns or schools, and you say you are going to shoot up a school, you are not "roleplaying" within that game, you're just threatening to shoot up a school.
20 years is nuts though"
Seriously, people should check out that dude who was arrested for saying that he would shoot up his school in runescape

| i'm going to shoot up a school because i'm a terrorist

| So we've reached the point where people can go to jail for crimes they could have maybe committed in the future?
Shit man, this world's going full dystopia mode

| Of course someone got Serious jail time for a serious threat but this guy is going to be found innocent. Threats are illegal but to convict you have to prove intent, because the cops searched his house and didn't even find a gun he'll just have to show up to court and they'll most likely find him innocent.

| Basically it's obvious that he was making an edgy joke and court is just a formality in this case.

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This thread is permanently archived