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Let's turn ISrael into WASrael


| that is not my proudest joke, but I hope you liked it

| ethnonationalism = evil

| Can't we kill all mankind and hope the next round of evolution creates an actually intelligent species instead of a bunch of retards who only know how to parrot the opinions of someone who somehow had enough brain to think on their own instead of parroting someone else's ideas

| >>591324 if you aren't like that then didn't evolution do a good job already? Wouldn't a more reasonable solution be to kill only the people who can't think for themselves?

| >>591329 nope, I'm just like the others just a parrot the only difference is that I immitate shit I see in fiction so maybe I'm even more retarded

| >>591330 it seems you're the type of retard who takes everything literally so I'll make it simple for you.

There's this thing called hyperbole, it's when people exaggerate something for comedic, dramatic or emphatic effect, do you follow?

| I used it to express how I'm fed up with the increasing amount of people who repeat the same shit over and over again, I don't really think it has to do with evolution but that's a good hyperbole, very exaggerated and absurd to a point that it is expected that people reading will see how ridiculous it is and immediately understand that's a hyperbole.

But I guess I underestimated the level of retardation people here can achieve.

| Anime Israel.

| Anime Israel.

| I don't really see a problem. I feel like we're pretty much fine.

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This thread is permanently archived