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Something happened in the world

| And it's all because of the evil right wing and their rich capitalistic oppressors
Here's the obligatory link to an article proving that something did in fact happen:

| commie idiots

| >>591299 do you want OP to die? Because people in /tech/ don't take kindly at all anything saying good stuff about Windows

| If people who say they are anti-establishment are just lying then who gets to be considered anti-establishment? Saying that someones political views are actually just an act is super unhelpful. If someone explicitly says they're against something then maybe they are actually against it. If you can't even believe other people on what their views are then how are we expected to believe you? How do we know your viewpoint isn't just an act you put up while secretly oppressing us?

| >>591338 but if you don't see the person doing the action then you're actually just believing what people SAY about what those other people do. So we'd be back at square one, arbitrarily choosing who to believe about things we didn't witness ourselves based on whatever our views already were. If someone says something we disagree with then it's because they're liers because we believed someone else's words that stated differently beforehand.

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This thread is permanently archived