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Brenton Tarrant did nothing wrong

| except not use the gas cans

| i unironically agree

| weird to see a thread up that's supporting a terrorist who murdered 51 innocent human beings.

the great replacement is a lie told to you by those who wish to push you into committing terrible acts, you can still back out.

| >>587283
check the US race statistics bitch

| Useful idiot that helped pave the way for more censorship.

| Who is that?
I'm completely oblivious on real world happenings.

| >>587285 they don't say anything that's worth murdering people over.

| >>587309 a terrorist who murdered 51 innocent people.

| Can you at least elaborate, op?

| >>587460 the terrorist had fuel canisters in his car that he luckily didn't use, since it probably would've lead to more deaths. i haven't read his manifesto since just after the terrorist attack, so i can't exactly remember if it does mention the canisters and his plan with them.

brenton tarrent is a terrorist who deserves to be in prison for as long as he lives.

| He killed 51 people, that's 51 things wrong

| I get that, I'm curious about the reasoning behind someone saying he didn't do anything wrong.

| There is no reasoning it's just that every internet community will be infiltrated by dumb right wingers now that 8chan dead

| >>587205 He was a low iq sperg that thought it was funny to kill people over bullshit lies made up by nazi's which have already been debunked. Any of you that support a nazi ideology should be culled, you're a waste of oxygen.

>>587563 Right wingers are mentally slow and treat 4chan infographs and political facebook posts as truths.

| Right wingers aren't necessarily bad. It's edgy, high school right wingers from 4chan and such which are bad

| It's cringy when they only kill like 5 people. He knew what he was doing, just like the bois in las vegas and new zealand. Much respecc

| Just another jewish puppet.
Did a pretty good job, but won't surpass the killdozer

| >>587415 >>587416
killing people is fun

| >>587588
>las vegas shooter
That guy was left wing or non political, otherwise he would've never shot a bunch of country listening trump supporters.

| >>587285 statistics are racist- the left, probably

| >>587918 i haven't read up much on the las vegas shooting, but from what i remember it wasn't politically motivated but i could be wrong.

| >>587960 the statistics aren't a reason to murder innocent people.

| Interesting that this thread with it's obviously provocant and deluding title is not banned, like the other much more serious one about the political exploitation of a child murder in germany by the far-right.

| >>587987 the title is worse but the discussion is far more civilized

| >>587990
Well, I think there is not much to discuss:
Religion, racism and nationalism are all equally stupid. Murdering people in the name of god, race and nation is the worst, most stupid and random of all crimes. It doesn't make any sense. The real gap in the world is not between confessions or races, it's between poor and rich. Anyone who murders people in the name of god, race or nation is an enemy to the lower classes (and eventually a traitor) and to humanity as a whole.

| >>588143 you're being disrespectful, you may think religion is stupid but please keep this bit to yourself.
Also disrespectful with nationalism.
Racism was always meant to be considered bad(well, at least ever since the term was coined) so it's not disrespectful to say bad stuff about it.

| >>588143
glad you said that. it is now time for you to realize that Europeans don't murder people, instead islam does

| >>587987
there was no exploitation, just a foreigner who pushed a family in front of a train

| >>588157
Yeah, let's just forget who supported islamists for the sake of imperialist politics in the first place. The rise of the north/west was done on the back of people in the south and east - and instead paying back the debt the west still continues its destructive trade and foreign policy. Just think how living standard would be if western people had to do the shitty jobs they off-shored on their own and without robbed resources.

| >>588144
I'm sorry, but it's hard to respect thinks that don't really exist and are forced onto people. I give a fuck on all nations and religions, but still everywhere in the world I'm forced to belong or believe to/in one. I think they are both unnecessary like the popes balls and that society could work different. I don't want to live in a nation or belong to a religion, because I see no sense in it. What I want is belonging to an universal humanoid society ruled by science.

| >>588158
>there was no exploitation, just a foreigner who pushed a family in front of a train
For the 1000th time:
Members of the german far-right party shared fake-statements, supposedly done by other politicians, about the incident on twitter.

| >>588158
The exploitation of crimes done by "foreigners" is the key of success for right wingers. The real criminals sitting in their ivory towers in fine suits are laughing their asses off about stupid masses falling again for racist lies.

| >>587633

C'mon g/u/rl, don't be a tool

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