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US may be completely sunk by asteroid impact in 2036

| https://www.firstpost.com/tech/science/neil-degrasse-tyson-warns-that-america-could-sink-from-an-asteroid-impact-in-2036-7116341.html

So crazy awesome! Hope to be living close enough to see it happening personally!

| fuck yeah was a bout time that happened

| America would just nuke the hell out of it and all the bits and pieces would cause a global catastrophe. We mad max.

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hopefully they do and it all just falls back down on USA lol

| >>586587 all out apocalypse? Count me in!

| I hope I'm right at the point of impact

| sunk- a continent- no, that'd pretty much mean the world was destroyed.

| After reading the article it seems that the title of this thread is about as exaggerated as most mainstream media these days. The scenario being discussed just has the asteroid going down in the Pacific close to the US and basically demolishing the entire west coast with what would be the biggest tsunami in recorded history. Leaving the East coast and most of central America mostly untouched.

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Seems there's an advantage to me living on the East Coast after all.

| Good riddance I say.

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This thread is permanently archived