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And now Trump did the ONE thing that could push me to the left

| Fuck the orange man I hate him now, mess with immigrants, mess with china, start all wars you want but leave videogames alone you retarded cheeto...

The fucker wants to make violent videogames harder to get.

| retarded cheeto

| Can old people leave video games alone for five fucking seconds

| gun game bad

| You can be right wing and hate orange man at the same time

| do you really think the any of the Dems are PRO-vidya?

| Pro gamer leftist checking in

| Fuck BOOMERS! I hate them and their fucking outdated political ideologies.

| It's logical. The reasons people shoot others is not because everyone owns a rocket launcher, attack helicopter or sniper rifle, but because of violent video games.
Because let's face it, science is worthless, so when it says violence in video games don't have a real impact, it must be wrong.

| >>586690
This is true.
If you work with the public like I do, you'll learn real fast that boomers are consistently the worst people to deal with.
If you mention anything they don't like, or doesn't fit into their worldview you're either wrong, a liar, or some combination of both.

| >>586833 yeah normal boomers are either stupid or evil

| I dont live in the US, not even close, but I thought the general consensus is that no one takes what Trump says seriously right no?

| >>587019
He says out loud what a lot of americans have been thinking, that mixed with party loyalty gives him like 45% support here.
While every other country is laughing at us, there are plenty deluded into thinking he's doing anything other than tanking world opinion of the states.

| Every generation has had their "video games bad" phase, and I really don't understand how these things keep happening. "Jazz is bad and evil" No, it's not, it's fine, it's legit just music. "Rock and Roll is the devil's music, and people who like it are useless to society" again, complete bullshit, it's fine. Now it's "Vidya Gaem bad, make school/mass shooters". For fuck sake, take a note of this happening now, and don't do it to your grandkids. Lets stop this bullshit cycle.

| Maybe gamers really are oppressed :'(

| I remember some CSI episode where they try to find the murderer of a famous gamer girl in Second Life...

| I heard a talking head on the radio blame the mass shootings on "a lack of character" of this generation. Man spent a whole lot of time trying to not talk about guns.

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This thread is permanently archived