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How do you do find a credible source?

| The whole thing about El Paso Shooting is a mess, I can't even make any sense of what is right and what is wrong since the both sides are pushing their narratives everywhere, some saying that the manifesto was posted hours AFTER the shooting happened while the other says minutes BEFORE, both with no source at all. Lots of misinformation about this case.

| welcome to the US. it's always been like that. the US media is pretty fucked up. I guess just try to find what's consistent among all the outlets. If there's no consistency then it's probably bullshit or it's speculation

| Didn't anyone tell you? You, are the source.

| You should never trust a source. Credibility comes through cross-comparison.
And if you can't find out what's true or not, then simply keep it that way. It's not such a big deal to be uncertain about something.

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This, all of this. This right here is the correcto answero

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| Best way is to go on Steam and search up "Counter-Strike: Source"

| It's all in the eyes of the beholder.

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and then the irony is people demand someone else do cross-comparisons from them and then asks for a credible analyst

| >>586436 then someone has to do a cross comparison on the analysis of the analysts, so we hire an analyst of analysts to cross compare their conclusions

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This unironically

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