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Brazil: "drain the swamp"

| While (Far-)Right-populists often promised to stop corruption and nepotism from what they see as "the establishment" (an liberal-communist-feminist-muslim/jewish conspiracy/hegemony), they are in practice much worse than their imagined enemy portray. They aren't just often associated with organized criminality but also place their favorites and even relatives into charge. A few examples follow with sources.

| Just recently the self declared fascist Bolsonaro just made his son US-ambassador:
Italian prime minister Salvini threatens "gomorrah" author and investigative journalist to cancel police protection:

| Austrian right-populist party (ex-)chief was caught offering a pretending russian oligarch daughter parts of the private austrian press landscape in exchange for positive coverage about his party:
Hungarian right-populist Viktor Orban resists anti-corruption measurements, while flirting with oligarchs and nepotism:

| Feel free to extend this list of how corrupt and nepotistic the pretending "law and order", "anti corruption" and "anti-establishment" leaders and their movements are. And also how biased their self portrayal as "realistic pragmatists" is, who condemn every fact they don't like as "left ideology".

| And then there's Venezuela.

| so what's your point, you leftie?

| >>583576
1. That's kindergarden level of argumentation. We reached the point when you could excuse capitalism failures with socialism failures years ago.
2. Back then capitalism was socially tamed, because it had to compete with socialist ideas
3. Real socialism failed because of bad/wrong circumstances where it came up and because it was never meant to be a regional/national solution.
4. Socialism often was better than what people had before (colonialism, feudalism, backwardness)

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Objectively Venezuela is 10% socialism, 20% estate-monopolistic capitalism, 50% resource curse[1] and the rest is nationalism, militarism and anti-(us-)americanism.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resource_curse

Arguing against socialism with the economical issues in Venezuela is similiar to arguing for socialism with chinas economical success. It's funny how anti-socialist ideologues accept the argument "this is not really socialism" pretty selectively.

| So if a system can become "socialist" but in name only how do you suggest creating a truely socialist society? How do you avoid the corruption that takes advantage of a new socialist system and twists it into something that isn't truely socialist?

| The only true socialism is the Nationalsozialistische.

Everyone else is just a Fifth International wannabe.

Just kidding <3

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