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Trump breaks A$AP Rocky out of world's toughest jail

| If you guys haven't heard already: One of the keys for world peace, which is A$AP Rocky, has been arrested over stuff he didn't do in the world's worst country, Sweden, they will torture everyone over anything. Thankfully Kim and Kanye has took notice oc the problem and has notified Trump, which is on his quest for World Peace. He has since then tried to communicate with Sweden only to receive a nasty letter from Sweden containing A$AP's amputated fingers

| With Trump, tired of Sweden making China and Yemen look like a fucking joke he has then sent an entire army to the Sweden's worst prison, where A$AP is located at.

A lot of lives were lost today and they will not be in vain: With A$AP back home although heavily injured, World Peace has finally arrived.

(search for sweden's prison system, THEY ARE SO GOD DAMN BRUTAL!)

| Why is this on /u/ instead of /new/?

| (Something something satire, just making fun of the fact that trump is focusing on this rather than important stuff, this was probably better off in >>/new/ but would get locked for being fictional, btw lets not get political and roleplay as if this actually happened, yes?)

| Anyone else noticed at A$AP blinking SOS with his eyes during the live broadcast? this doesn't feel right at all

| how can we not get political when its about ORANGE MAN

| i don't wanna be political but i fucking came

| >>581451 I Saw

| Well then it's time to turn MAGA into MEGA(Make Earth Great Again) and rid the world of Swedish scum

| luckily the president is focusing more on flexing his power to try and force someone in a foreign jail to be freed, while he currently has tons of people who are concentrated into a camp...

| Kinda miss the more lawless days of danger/u/ when you could post whatever whenever, like posting a burg thread on every board. Now they'll just remove the thread.
Not that it's a bad thing to have rules and regulation of course.

| Got our boy back from those angry Vikings!

| Seeing that mods have moved it to /new/ i guess they are ok with this one. But for context: Rapper A$AP was arrested in Sweden over accusations of assault and he's going to be jailed while the police investigate the crime, and Trump has been focusing to help him instead of more important stuff

As one should know Sweden is an liberal and a progressive country and so is their prison system, although it has been reported that A$AP's conditions aren't good. The thing is that the

| Migrant children in detention on his country are in even worse conditions (but hey who cares about them amirite? a rapper is more important than them /sarcasm)

| >>581670 TBH no one seemed to care when migrants were in the same shitty detention centers during Obama's presidency so why care only now that cheeto man is in power?

| >>581669

A source would also be helpful.

| >>581672 i also hated obama's camps as well

| Schools are concentration camps as well. Many children are, by law, kept their against their will.

| >>581673
>>581672 thats because orange man i

| Who is also scared like me because one can't say for sure if this is satire or not?

| >>581975 it was satire while on /u/ then it was moved to /new/ and we changed it to a, mostly, serious discussion

The serious stuff starts on >>581669

| >>581858

Thank you. :)

| I would love to go to swedish prison ngl

| Why was this guy in jail again?

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