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I just offended a Black person.

| We were talking about movies and i told her that i don't want Ariel (mermaid) to be Black because this is not logical. Then i apologised right after that saying that Don't want to offend anyone feelings. She said to me that FANTASY DOESN'T HAVE TO FOLLOW THE LOGIC. And right after i started to explain to her that every fantasy has its own rules she just left and refused to talk to me.
Then i wanted to apologise and do not bring this subject up,but she just ignores me.

| I just do really care for a plot whenever it would be. I like stories. And i want to become a fantasy novel writer.So i can't stand when there is no logic and many plotholes in the story.
And she said that there should be no logic i got a bit heated to explain, i couldn't just agree with her.

| Wherever* (sorry i am fecking stupid)

| What is wrong with Final Fantasy having black mages? Do you hate Square Enix's non-linear logic?

| Ariel the mermaid was only black to get this exact conversation to happen. Would you have even heard of a live action Little Mermaid if it wasn't because she was black? It's engineered controversy to create free advertising.

| If someone gets offended why that is a retard. Just don't think about it OP.

| Why is is not logical ?

| If her design was truly logical she would be white in the front and black on her back. Like a penguin. As it is Ariel is clearly not sufficiently camouflaged to ward off ocean predators.

| Ok OP is aretard to expect logic.

But changing a very loved and well established character like that is not cool

Want black women protagonists? Go ahead, but make a new character or a new story entirely, please.

| >>581439 this is what i said to her Also

| how about we make an MLK movie where the main actor is WHITE

these retarded hypocrites complain about whitewashing and then it's all "you're racist" if we don't mudstain anything.

it's funny how apparently black community can't come up with original characters and have to suck up to already made IPs, same with James Bond ??
and you can talk about wakanda but that was an argument for a literal ETHNOSTATE if white people had that imagine the reaction

| and remember, who cares if you offend people if it's the truth. then they don't have a problem with you but the truth.

the little mermaid/Den lille havfrue is Danish (Hans Christian Andersen) and thus WHITE WHITE WHITE :)

i don't even know who's making the thing but let me guess: it's didney

can white people start being more assertive please i'd love that very much thank you

| We're talking about a movie from source material written by a Danish dude.
Are you saying a Danish dude can only write stories set in Denmark ?
And even if it was meant to be set in Denmark, source material is meaningless in the end.
So, yes, little mermaid definitely could be something else than "WHITE WHITE WHITE".

| i don't understand how it's illogical to have a mermaid be black

| >>581476 >>581479
and now we have MLK - starring white actor

stop fucking browning everything fuck
>source material is meaningless in the end
no it isn't

the mermaid is danish written by a danish dude in denmark in the 19th century THUS she's white.

| >>581483 MLK is different because his story and identity is very related to his skin colour, but that is not the case with ariel.

the little mermaid as far as i know has never been a story about race, thus it the skin colour doesn't matter.

you're just getting triggered over a character being interpenetrated differently.

| >>581486
of course it matters because you're subverting a race's culture!
you wouldn't like it either if chinese, african or american legends were scrubbed to have the main character be a whitie dude from Belgium!
it's not interpretation it's A COUNTRY'S FOLKLORE. and that country is WHITE. thus it is WHITE FOLKLORE. or perhaps you want african animist mythos to feature exclusively white Belgian dudes?

so you're an SJW, cool to show your true colors

| >>581487 it's not subverting a race's culture, it's a different interpretation of a country's culture. and even if the majority of that country's people are white, that doesn't mean that country is a white country.

there are no "white countries" or "black countries" there are only countries.

unless you think otherwise, then you're a literal ethno nationalist.

and i know which i'd rather be between that or an SJW~ <3

| >>581494
you're saying denmark isn't a white country? now you're just bullshitting.

i am a literal ethnonationalist because i recognize basic fucking truth. Senegal is a black country, Norway is a white country. are you so deluded by your own political beliefs that you cannot recognize basic fucking facts?
there is no "different interpretation" to be made. stick to the story or else you corrupt it.
what is wrong with ethnonationalism?
to each people their own home!

| >>581494
and you ARE subverting culture. Denmark is a land of WHITE culture. when you're trying to brown that out, you are destroying their culture by corrupting it. why can't you just leave the world fucking alone instead of trying alone instead of trying to force multiculturalism down people's throats?
it's a cursed USA invention and nobody wants that.

| >>581468 the problem with the new 007 is slightly different, it IS a new character so being a black woman is just fine.

But they're trying to use her tp push a message that the old 007 is obsolete and incompetent, that sucks because many people love James Bond and don't want to see him in a light like that.

If they made her an apprentice of 007 who took his number after he died on a mission against a new stronger enemy there wouldn't have been as much of a backlash.

| >>581525
>they're trying to use her tp
ok i thought you were talking about toilet paper for a sec kek

i guess you're right. but it would still be awkward, especially when companies nowadays seem to put minorities in media just for the heck of it.
where i'm 100% okay to see non-white people is in indiana jones for example! they're fully expected to be there, ie vietnam or congo & so forth. no problem at all

| >>581495 i'm saying that countries aren't defined by race.

senegal is a country, and norway is a different country, they aren't defined by the races of the people who live there.
i'm not the one who is deluded, it is you. i can actually see the facts that say that the only race is the human race and the rest is just colour.

what is wrong with ethnonatialism is that it views the world in a way that isn't true.

| >>581496 how is changing the skin colour of one character "destroying culture"?

because i want to make the world a better place. i want it to be a world where people love and accept each other no matter where they came from or how they look.

| >>581529
>i'm not the one who is deluded, it is you
i'm not the one who is deluded, it is you.

it is a very defining thing because it is a cultural thing. senegal is black. Denmark is white; Danish mythos are filled with white peeps, senegalese mythos' are black.

the races are different and that's just truth my lad. we want to be among people that are like us. black people look different, their skull shape, voice, history etc are different.

| >>581531
well you're not making the world a better place. nobody needs your interference and if anything, you're making it worse.

i'm not saying it's completely destroying culture, but it's undermining it. it's defacing/corrupting/falsifying

black people are 100% accepted in black countries. that is the truth of ethnonationalism. if black people want acceptance then they should go to black countries. we should not change an entire system to pander to minorities that ran from home

| >>581532 how are you sure that you're not deluded? how are you sure that the people who have told you these things aren't just trying to manipulate you?

danish mythos was just filled with people, same with senaglese mythos'.

the races aren't different at all.

skull shape doesn't matter, and it's been a long debunked pseudoscience that tries to explain a difference that isn't there.

| >>581538
what is deluded about saying that a people should have their own land?
have you asked yourself that same question?

the races ARE different - it's white folklore, versus black folklore. at this point it sounds like you're saying that folklore doesn't really exist?

and yes there is a difference. even just culturally. black people don't look like white people, don't act like them, and don't even want to be among them that much.
it sounds like you are blind.

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6WrNI35VxM

| >>581536 how is it making it worse?
how is a world that accepts all people bad? are you sure that your interference isn't just trying to sow division?

how is it undermining it? is the culture really that weak that changing one characters skin colour defaces it?

black people are 100% accepted in countries where they aren't a minority, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to be in different countries.

what about minorities that were born in these "white countries"?

| >>581545
the world already accepts all people; you're not trying to get the people of the world to accept each other, you're trying to force down unwanted and unwarranted diversity down people's throats. that makes them react against it because they're tired of it, and thus you stoke the flames of racism.

and so you're agreeing with me that culture is an important thing that can't be appropriated by people of a different race?

| it doesn't mean that they shouldn't be allowed, it means that if they have a problem with another race's system, too fucking bad; go make it happen at your own place.

minorities born in white countries do not belong there and shouldn't criticize. if they want a system dedicated to their own selves, they have entire countries for them.
let people do their thing.

| >>581542 i have asked that to myself before and i came to the conclusion that it doesn't make sense since the lines between races are blurry and it would be horrible to try and force someone to go somewhere without their consent.

and that's just culture, and a person of colour who was born into denmark would also have that culture just as much as a white dane.

they don't act like them due to culture, also you're generalizing a lot.

| >>581548
the lines between races are blurry? so we can stop the diversity thing then, since it doesn't matter? no more acceptance? you're contradicting yourself.
indeed it would be horrible to force anyone without their consent, and yet you want to shove diversity down people's throats.
a non-white person born in Denmark does not belong there. her ancestors didn't build the land and have no history in it. they would have culture, maybe perhaps. but no roots. no heritage. rootless.

| >>581543 i don't agree with him

| >>581548
adding to that, the slums of london are still not "integrated". the culture is still not english. people don't want to integrate and they erode english culture on their own.
people don't want to integrate

| >>581551
well it turns out the world does not agree with you either

| >>581546 the world clearly doesn't accept all people considering ethnonationalists exist. and the only thing stoking the fires of racism is the peddling of the lie that someone of a different race existing is a bad thing.

and what makes them not belong there?
because they have a different skin colour? that's bullshit.

and they don't want a system that's dedicated to themselves, they just want a system that treats everyone equally.

| >>581555
why would ethnonationalism signify that people are not accepted? the argument of ethnonationalism is that every people deserve their own country and place of existence. it's the argument that created israel.

you're still stoking the flames of racism. racial division is a disuniting thing. people are people and you just can't change that. they want their own land with their own people, if they wanted to see black people they'd go to black countries.

| they don't belong here because they belong somewhere else. is that simple enough for you?

they do want a system that is dedicated to themselves, we all want that. a system to treat people equally would be present on the planetary level. on the planet level, we're all humans. on the cultural level, we're all different. thankfully.

| >>581555
you keep talking about lie and liars. do you really believe that people are magically hypnotized? it's realyl a simple thing - Africa for Africans, etc. not gonna write the whole thing but you get it. this is simple fucking justice.

| How do y'all plan to your ethnonationalist utopia to happen?

you simply can't get all those people to willingly leav those countries. and are the countries you're sending them to really going to accept them all?

if you can't find a way to move them without forcing the countries you're sending them to accept them.

there's only one option left...

putting all of them in one big camp of concentrated people...

and murdering all of them in cold blood...

milions of people dead...

| >>581561
refer to my answer in https://dangeru.us/u/thread/581181, you silly nuptie

i knew it

| >>581561
lol you just did a copypaste, lazy unoriginal bastard. even the typo is included

| Let's just settle with this, of you will.

It's the story of the little mermaid, but it doesn't take place in Denmark.

Y'all getting crossbaited in this thread, clearly I'm having quite a nice weekend when I think about it...

| *If you will

, because I clearly cannot write proper english, thus I am not able to partake in this meaningless argument.

| >>581576 >>581577
if you wanted a black mermaid you should make a new story that takes place in the comores or whereverthefuck don't corrupt Danish culture

| At first I was really mad the black little mermaid
Then I heard rumors about Terry Crews as her father and then I was ok with it because I like Terry enough to want him destroying someone else's culture

| >>581586
we really need a fucking sage on this website holy fuck

| This thread is a clusterfuck. Why can't people be neither SJW nor racist.

| >>581594
because if you're not a sjw you're racist

| >>581594 they can, it's just that most of them are too busy with their own lives to bother with dumb discussions like this.

Sadly I'm not good enough to be one of them(if I was you wouldn't be getting this reply) so lump me with the racists for the time being

| Personally I just prefer adaptations to be relatively true to the source material so I agree with OP. Also if a friend just outright ignores you permanently because you said something they disagree with then I would question whether or not they were really a friend in the first place. Disagreements are important and it's important to be able to talk about them, I suggest not associating with anyone who shuts down the moment a disagreement happens.

| >>581651


| Let's see the source. It was said somewhere in the story by H.C. Andersen that mermaids' skin was almost "trasparent" (or something like this). That usually means white, the whitest you could imagine, at least in the european folklore. Besides, I can't really imagine transparent black skin.
At the other hand, mermaids are not real, which leaves Disney some creativity.
All in all, I'm for the white version, but I'm sure this will make somewhat a good musical.

| >>581830
maybe it'll have rhythm, but it'll be very sad to look at

The Mermaid is white and should remain so.
i'd expect alladin to not really be white for example

the whole blackening thing is really stupid

| How about we remake Black Panther but have all of Wakanda white?

| >>582211 not just any whites, natural redheads

| >>582215
would watch

| >>582211 >>582215 >>582230

same tbh

| >>582230
Would bang

| Got bored read this. I regret it.

mermaids in this make absolutley no sense from the waist up.(no matter the color)

"corrupt it"x3
I usually try to exsplain and not insoult but I'm not taking the time.
You are one of the most brain dead things i have seen.

Consider lerning how stuff functions IRL.

| >>582653 who are you talking to?

| >>582660
fantasy logic bit >>ce5214
everything else >>e5d39f

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